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Driver Resumes – Tips

Applying for a driver job requires more than just knowing how to drive and having a driver’s license, this is especially the case if the applicant wants to attain this position in a decent company with decent pay. And almost all companies would still prefer an applicant who has high competency level in terms of capabilities, as well as experience. When writing driver resumes, the use of standard resume format structure is still advised. It does not need to be creative; it just needs to have accurate information, and should be organized. The resume should also be able to clearly portray the essential skills and experience needed for the position.

Driving-Related Work Experience and Responsibilities

When writing work experiences in the driver resumes, the applicant must indicate responsibilities involving collection, delivery of products, fixing mechanical problems, and other troubleshooting duties done. For other work experiences in different fields, the applicant can indicate responsibilities that require following specific requests of clients or superiors, as well as problem solving tasks, and handling documentations.

Special Driving Capabilities and Achievements

The applicant can incorporate specific driving skills such as; “Ability to plan routes in the quickest and most economical way”, “Resourceful in reducing costs by planning routes for driver resumesfuel-efficiency”. The applicant can also indicate the heaviest load carried and the specific distances covered. Another example of a driving skill would be new methods, practices procedures learned or developed.

Personal Driving Permits and Qualifications

It would be ideal for an applicant, especially for a professional driver, to create a section for the list of driving permits as well qualifications. The applicant can enlist personal certifications, security clearances, awards, patents, and other similar qualifications that can be added. To add more credibility to the applicant, an inclusion of a training section would also be ideal. The applicant may indicate in this section official driving lessons taken, and other trainings that may have contributed to related skills such as management capabilities.

What Makes Good Driver Resumes

When creating the driver resumes, the applicant need not be creative in choosing words and sentence structures carefully, but the format has to be well-organized and grammar and spelling still has to be good. This is still necessary for the applicant’s capability and reliability in terms of documentations and other similar tasks that may be given. And most importantly, the resume should portray resourcefulness in planning, and efficiency in completing tasks.

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