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Tips on Writing Customer Service Resumes

More than just dealing with co-workers, customer service representatives cater to people interested in the company’s products and/or services, as well as those who are encountering problems with them. They affect the image and reputation of the company based on how they deal with the concerns of customers and potential customers. An applicant interested in this position therefore, must initially have a pleasing personality and good problem-solving skills. These are just two of the many crucial qualities a customer service representative should have, and they should be visible in the customer service resumes.

The Customer Service Profile in the Customer Service Resumes

When creating a resume for a customer service representative position, the applicant must primarily create a profile section right after the objectives. In this section, the applicant must customer service resumesfocus on emphasizing the different communication skills that he/she has, and where they are applied in various job responsibilities. The major qualities of the applicant that showcases why he/she is a good fit for the job, other than communication skills, should also be enlisted here. Take note of keywords like resourcefulness, problem solving, decision making, and leadership. Technical skills and language skills should also be included.

Professional Experience in Customer Relations

In this part, the applicant may opt to include work experiences other than customer service related employment. Other jobs that an applicant may have had experience with that will be an advantage are jobs that deal with people all the time (e.g. public relations, marketing, human resources, teaching, etc.). If the applicant does not have work experience related to this, he/she can just focus on highlighting achievements from any previous employment that proves his/her capabilities in customer relations.

List of People-Oriented Activities

The applicant can create a section for special or extra-curricular activities, which should be separate from education and training section. The applicant can enlist activities that showcase any voluntary work and accomplishments highlighting public relations capabilities. Related professional and school organization memberships can also be placed here, as well as seminars attended such as team building and leadership seminars.

Qualities of a Good Customer Service Representative

As a pleasing personality is proven to be an essential ingredient in productivity and effectiveness, it is proven even more crucial when it comes to customer service. The applicant must be able to show this quality, as well as the ability to communicate effectively even under pressure, come up with solutions to problems easily, and should also have the ability to listen attentively. Overall, a customer service representative needs to be resourceful, informative, and reliable especially when problems arise. And this needs to be evident in the customer service resumes.

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