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Construction Resumes – Format

A construction job mainly deals with building and/or creating. Building deals with resourcefulness, teamwork, management, meticulousness, and precision. These characteristics are essential in a construction job, whether it be carpentry, plumbing, painting, civil engineering, design engineering, or project engineering. When creating a construction resume, these are some of the qualities of an applicant that should be highlighted.

Construction Job Qualifications in Construction Resumes

Just like most resumes, in construction resumes, it would be best to include a summary of reasons why one is qualified for the position. For this section, provide an overview of capabilities in a given job responsibility, as well as number of years in the industry if sufficient enough for a professional level position. Basically, this section intends to summarize what the hiring manager should expect to see with the rest of the resume’s contents. Special skills can be included in this section. A good example of a given qualification in this section would be: “Adept in completing construction projects within expected finishing date and allotted budget”.

Professional Experience in Construction and Licensesconstruction resumes

For the work experience section, the applicant may also include information regarding employment in a non-construction field, but must make sure that the job description given for it can highlight skills that will be an asset to the construction job being applied for. One example of this would be an accounting employment history where accurate calculation is an asset to an engineering position. In the case of professionals, it would be ideal to enlist in a detailed fashion all the licenses in a particular state that they have. Contractor’s license, re-modeler license, and operator’s license are some examples of the permits to be enlisted, if any.

Educational Attainment, Construction-Related Training, and Activities

Education and training can be included in one section if both have related qualifications in the position. For extra-curricular activities, the applicant can add specific contributions in community service, memberships in school and/or professional organizations, and such. It would be wise to mention conceptualization and execution of special projects, and highlight team-building in the process, if any.

Qualities of a Skilled Construction Worker

Depending on the actual position the applicant is aiming for, the skills related to that should always be considered. In the case of a construction manager for example, leadership and communication skills are crucial. But regardless of the position, construction resumes should portray good time management, organization, communication, and troubleshooting skills.

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