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How to Make Computer Resumes

When applying for a computer-related job such as technician, information technology specialist, computer operator, system analyst, and such, one crucial weapon that an applicant should have, is an error-free computer resume. This is because a computer specialist or programmer must initially know how to detect errors easily as this is a must-have quality of someone who is expert in computers, be it in fixing hardware or software, or operating and analyzing. Precision and accuracy is vital in this field.

Overview of Computer Qualificationscomputer resumes

After the personal information, one can start with the summary of qualifications. In this section, the applicant should indicate a brief overview of his/her work experience. It would be ideal to add how long the applicant has been working in the field. An example for this would be“four years working experience as an IT specialist”. Ideally, the major job responsibilities and achievements should also be indicated in this section. Enlist the detailed employment history in the computer field, as well as in other fields at the bottom part of the resume, before the education and training section.

List of Computer Skills

Effective computer resumes are those that have a separate section for the computer skills for it to stand out and be very visible to the hiring manager. The applicant should indicate in this part the specific computer skills required for the position. For example, in an information technology specialist position, the applicant must focus on the corresponding skills that an IT specialist is required to have. General technical skills may follow after those, such as proficiency in the use of the Internet, Java, various applications that come with Operating Systems, and the like.

Non-Technical, Computer-Related Skills

Add a separate list indicating special skills and/or abilities that are needed for the position. Enlist all the other skills suitable for the computer-related job position being applied for that is not technical. One can add here related skills such as accounting, documentation, and operation of machines other than the computer, such as fax machines and telephones. Indicate skills that involve accuracy, attention to detail, organization, and operation.

Effective Computer Resumes

Computer-related jobs vary widely in the respective focuses such as hardware, software, and information technology, computer resumes of an applicant must be able to emphasize which area of expertise he/she specializes in, and should be tailor-fit to the specific position being applied for. It should also be well-organized and free of errors.

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