Computer Programmer Resume


Jean Adams

604 Harmony Lane

Pleasantville, CA 94588

(925) 555-1234



Computer science position utilizing solid training and experience in computer programming, data management, software development, web site design, and systems operations.



  • Designed and analyzed three custom automation programs for such tasks as adjusting account balances, sending out formed statements, and updating investor records.
  • Prepared numerous projects and seminars on such topics as computer viruses, data communication and routing, Internet ethics, and relational database systems.
  • Utilized thorough knowledge of Internet applications, web page design, and HTML programming to create and maintain interactive, multi-page web sites.
  • Demonstrated strong skills in object-oriented programming and the use of abstract data types.
  • Set up an operating system on a UNIX workstation.



Washington University, Spokane, WA  2010

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science


Awarded Seligman Scholarship for Academic Excellance

Courses included:

  Object-Oriented Programming     Data and File Structures     Large Scale Programming

  Automata and Algorithms     Distributed Computing     Introduction to Java

  Software Engineering     Statistics and Computers     Calculus I and II

  Discrete Mathematics     Information Processing     Programming Languages


Spokane Community College, Spokane, Washington  2010

A.A.S., Computer Science


  • Application Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, FrontPage, and Access, WordPerfect, CorelGraphics, Adobe PhotoShop, and Quark Xpress.
  • Web Development: HTML, Java Applets, and JavaScript.
  • Languages: Basic, C++, C, Ada, SQL, Java, Pascal, QBasic, Prolog, Scheme, Assembly, LISP, ML, Perl, and FoxPro.
  • Operating Systems: Windows 98, 2000, XP, and NT, UNIX, DOS, and SunOS for Workstations
  • Network: Communications with TCP/IP, Telnet, and FTP.


Lincoln Beale and Francis, Spokane, WA  2010

Network Adminstrator Intern

Bank of America Mortgage Corp., Spokane, WA  2009

Programming Intern


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