Clerical Resumes

Clerical Resumes: Tips and Techniques

Most people assume that clerical tasks are duties that anyone can do, because one does not need to take up a course on it to be able to know how. However, in order to be an effective clerical worker, one must possess critical qualities that a lot of people do not have, and may find difficult to develop. In a clerical resumes, one must be able to clearly lay out specific qualifications that need not be done in a creative way, as long as it states what hiring managers look for in a clerical applicant.

Overview of Clerical Qualifications in Clerical Resumes

The applicant must create a summary of qualifications section, enlisting bullet points of why he/she deserves the position. The applicant must provide a summary of skills and background experience that will put them at the top of the hiring manager’s list of ideal candidates. It would be ideal to highlight technical skills, communication skills, as well as one’s time management and organizational skills. Mention these capabilities and where they have been applied in a particular job responsibility. Focus on qualifications that involve clerical clerical resumeswork such as customer service, documentations, filing of records and/or accounts. Number of years in the industry may also be indicated (e.g. “three years working experience as clerical assistant”).

List of Clerical Responsibilities and Accomplishments

When writing clerical resumes, it is important to make a separate section for the job responsibilities, as opposed to the usual resume which includes them in the work experience section. This will make it easier for the hiring manager to spot the specific duties the applicant has had experience with in terms of clerical and/or administrative work. Since the duties and responsibilities are already enlisted separately, just indicate employment history details such as company, position and date of employment in the employment history section. The educational attainment section may then be added afterwards.

Qualities of a Good Clerical Worker

A clerical job entails a wide variety of responsibilities, and it would be a misnomer to deem it “an easy job”. To become an ideal candidate for a clerical position, one must have keen attention to detail, a pleasing personality, can easily follow specific directions, is organized, can manage time well, is resourceful, and can work well under pressure. There are a lot more qualities that a clerical worker must have, but these main ones should be evident in clerical resumes.

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