Civil Engineer Resumes

How to Construct Well-Designed Civil Engineer Resumes

Civil engineer resumes are expected to contain highly technical engineering language which highlights the applicant’s skills and experience. However, a resume should not contain fully technical language; it should be balanced with clear statements that show concrete accomplishments that the applicant has. The key to that is to divide the resume into sections; first, the professional experience section; second, the skills and qualifications section (this includes further learning experiences); and third, the additional skills section. Aside from lending organization to the resume, the partition of the resume into these sections in order is there for another reason.

Professional Engineering Experience Needed

Why is the professional experience section in the first part of resumes for civil engineering positions? It is because professional experience is what recruiters are most willing to read. civil engineer resumesProfessional experience indicates how far an applicant had progressed in his career and what he has done for his employers during his career. That section is where the applicant establishes value. The A professional experience section includes a summary, where the applicant states in two or three sentences an overview of what he has done in his career, and the work experience, where the applicant arranges, from most recent to least, his experiences. He should not only be content with placing job descriptions – he should place his achievements, all backed by numbers (profits made, costs lessened, amount of money saved). Professional experience can also include past leadership duties and communication-heavy duties (like marketing).

Skills and Credentials in Civil Engineer Resumes

Skills and qualifications also count in civil engineer resumes. Here the applicant places his certifications (based from seminars and workshops attended), the operating systems that he has handled, the programming languages that he knows, and the Web and database applications that he has mastered. Soft skills, evidenced by a diploma in marketing or personality enhancement, can also count. Graduate engineering education can be a great boost. All of these indicate continuous learning on the part of the applicant. Additional skills (like languages mastered) that are not readily related to the civil engineering job are placed last.

Important Keywords

What keywords can be placed to strengthen civil engineer resumes? The following can serve as good keywords: site work, construction work, technical specifications, design calculations, project team, contract reviews, project planning, quality assurance, research and development, production scheduling, and the like. Before placing these keywords, the applicant should know their meanings. That way, an applicant can communicate his past job duties and accomplishments well with the company that he is planning to work for.

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