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How to Make Business Development Resumes Prevail In the Highly Competitive Business Field

Business development can seem so broad a term at first to many people, but by delving on what it really means, it can be possible for job applicants to write down business development resumes that have a high probability of getting desired positions. What is business development? Just what it says; business development is an umbrella of techniques aimed at developing business enterprises further.

How is Business Development Done?

There are many ways in which business development is done, and there are plenty of roles too. Reviewing market opportunities and reviewing customer preferences are done by the market analyst; making leads that make plenty of sales is done by the advertiser or marketer; writing down business proposals is done by the management staff; and determining movements of sales and designing business models are done mostly by the economist or by anyone with a strong background in numbers.

Characteristics of Good Business Development Resumes

Resumes for business development positions, therefore, must have heavy emphasis on past job experiences and achievements. Business development is a field in which quantities matterbusiness development resumes very much (how much has a company profited over the past x years; how much money has been saved; what is the company’s growth rate over the past x years; and the like) so an applicant wishing to enter into a business development position must emphasize the numbers in his achievements. Concrete accomplishments should be the center of an applicant’s resume for a business development position. Because of the stiff competition in positions in this field, no company can afford someone who presented just cut-and-dried job responsibilities without achievements.

Soft Skills: Need I Say More?

Soft skills should also be heavily emphasized in business development resumes. Business development not only involves profits; it also involves people relations. So top-tier managerial and communication skills have to be highlighted. Computer skills are also a big addition to an applicant’s skill set, because of the necessity of having to work with numbers all the time. A willingness to learn should also count much. Because business development job responsibilities can change over time, if an applicant can prove his flexibility, then he can become an asset to the company where he is applying.

Important Keywords

Here are keywords that can make business development resumes stand out over many others: client presentations, competitive market lead, customer loyalty, revenue, cost-efficient, market development, market positioning, sales forecasting, growth, product launch, and many more. There are a whole lot of keywords for this field. The applicant needs to identify the right keywords for his prospective job and then quantify his achievements with results.

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