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How to Make Attorney Resumes Go Far In the Legal Job Market

Getting a position that requires attorney resumes is tough nowadays because many lawyers can be competing for the same position. The resume of any lawyer must therefore stand out from the pack early on. Because recruiters check many resumes every day, it can be hard for anyone to get in the law industry if the skills and experience of an applicant are not recorded properly in a resume. Fortunately, by knowing what should be put in a lawyer’s resume, it is possible to effectively communicate to a firm one’s job skills and experience.

Communication Skills Needed in Attorney Resumes

Attorney resumes should reflect the skills required in being a lawyer. Communication skills should be superb; no one can be a good attorney without communicating properly, both in written and oral form. (It is thus imperative that a lawyer’s resume has no mistakes, because mistakes sharply detract from written communication skills.) The ability to establish rapport with anyone is a must, for lawyers deal with many clients. It is important, therefore, that these skills be highlighted in the resume.

Experience Wanted

What firms are commonly looking for from lawyers, however, is experience. Preferably, it is important that the applicant summarize his qualifications. A summary gives a bird’s-eye viewattorney resumes on the core strengths of the applicant. A qualifications summary should be three to five bullet points; there should be no more than ten bullet points. The experience listed should substantiate the summary of qualifications.

How to Write Attorney Resumes

When writing job experience, the most recent experience should be written first, followed by the next most recent, and so on. Experience should be supported by heavy evidence: How did the experience contribute to the success of a client or of a firm? There should be numbers, if possible, to support experience. Skills can also be listed; certification and additional training can fall under this section. Attorney resumes for beginners should reflect school achievements, participation in extracurricular activities, leadership skills, etc. – anything that is related to being a lawyer.

Important Keywords

Keywords that can hit hard in attorney’s resumes are the following: case law, administrative law, judicial affairs, legal research, mediation, negotiations, settlement negotiations, trial law, confidentiality agreements, litigation, etc. The keywords should be related to the position for which the applicant is applying. Action words such as the following should also be included: legal advising, drafting, counseling, interpreting, etc. Attorney resumes should point out what the applicants did while in former positions to deliver superb results, and that is through action words and results.

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