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How to Make Great Art Resumes

Art resumes differ widely from usual resumes, especially corporate fields. It still follows a standard, organized format, but the details enlisted focus more on the actual artworks and/or projects done, rather than a general overview of responsibilities in related previous employments. The main priority in an artist’s resume would be the highlighted art skills; that being in any related experience in the arts such as music, fine arts, or performing arts.

Artwork Display and Background Design

Another effective tip on creating an attractive resume would be to place a small image of a sample artwork beside the name. Similar to standard formats of other resumes, the photo should have a measurement of at least one inch by one inch. Instead of a self-portrait however, it would be ideal to place a sample artwork instead so as to immediately showcase the artist’s potential, as well as style and character. For graphic artist resumes, designing a background template for the resume would be a good strategy. Just make sure that the text is still readable.

Artist Bibliography

In this section of the art resumes, the applicant must enlist any publications of his/her work in magazines, features in television or art exhibits, museum postings, and such. Awards and art resumesrecognitions for the works done can also be indicated together with the year received. The applicant must take time in organizing this section as it is the part of the resume that determines the achievements, credibility, and recognition of the artist and his/her works. It serves as one of the main qualifications of the applicant.

Art Related Experience, Education and Training

Create a section enlisting professional experience beginning with the most current job. This section should only show experiences in the related field of arts, or any job responsibility that involved designing, conceptualizing, and the like. Below the work experience, make a separate section for education and training. Indicate specific college degree and courses taken in the field of arts, as well as trainings from special programs or workshops attended. If there are art related extra-curricular activities that can be highlighted such as memberships in school organizations or professional organizations, it can be placed in a separate special activities section.

Creative Art Resumes

Art thrives on creative expressions and imagination, and applying for any art related job means that the resume should reflect these things in it. The art resumes should initially show distinction of the applicant’s character, telling what kind of artist he/she is through the sample artwork, list of works done and related experiences.

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