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How to Make Architect Resumes Stand Out For Architecture Openings

Getting into a job that requires architect resumes can be easy or hard depending on the quality of the resume. The resume is the first guide of an employer that gives him information to decide to hire an applicant or not, so it is important to highlight all important details in an architect’s resume. There should be no room for fluff. An architect is usually an action person, so the resume of an architect must reflect the extensive experience that he had. Experience is not only a buzzword nowadays; it is what many firms are looking for today. That is why any resume of an architect, veteran or beginner, must show the things he has done, supported by statistics as much as possible.

Experiences Needed in Architect Resumes

What type of experience exactly should architect resumes reveal? An architect should place the following in his resume as concisely as possible: (1) Responsibilities done in the phases of architect resumesarchitecture, such as planning, design, and implementation; (2) Major projects where one has played an important role along with what the applicant has done (leadership in a major project adds more points); (3) Information about specific architectural works already done that are related to the job position the applicant is seeking; (4) Any effort to reduce costs or enhance efficiency, all supported with details and numbers; (5) Anything else that have been of value to past employers, such as superb communication skills, leadership abilities, marketing skills, or the like.

Love for Learning and Soft Skills Needed in Architect Resumes

All architect resumes should also include the skills that the applicant has accumulated over the years. Both novice and seasoned architects should reveal a taste for continuous learning in their resumes. To accomplish that, they should place new skills that they have learned while on the job or even out of the job, such as ability to run new architectural software, active attendance in architectural seminars, involvement in community-based projects (for leadership skills), and many more. Graduate degrees in architecture are also big pluses in any architecture resume. Emphasis on learning is probably the beginning architect’s best shot in getting a job immediately. A beginner’s resume, furthermore, should state all jobs held, seminars attended, on-the-job training attended, and extracurricular activities joined.

Important Keywords

Architects are people of action, and here are keywords that should always go to architect resumes: blueprint, 3D, field performance, CGI, product design, etc. The applicant should also state the architecture style he is most used to doing. Action words like cost reduction, planning, construction, designing, analysis, testing, leading, and researching should always be in resumes of architects. Finally, pictures, sample blueprints, and documentation are great, for they show concrete proof of the applicant’s expertise.

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