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Administrative Assistant Resumes – Tips

An administrative assistant position is one that is usually thought of to be an easy job, as it relies on a superior’s command in almost all of the responsibilities that come with it. However, this is a misconception. An administrative assistant actually plays an important role in supporting the company’s daily needs that may often be neglected. This is why an ideal candidate for this position should have many vital qualities and skills in order to be competent. And as the administrative assistant resumes serve as the first stage in proving an individual’s capabilities for the position, it should be well-prepared and presentable.

Administrative Skills and Proficiencies

Make a list of skills in clerical and/or secretarial work such as customer service, technical skills, planning and scheduling, internet research, as well as purchasing, and telephoneadministrative assistant resumes reception. These examples of skills and proficiencies are considered must-have qualifications for the position, and enlisting them would initially catch the attention of the hiring manager.

Administrative Assistant Job Responsibilities

To make an attractive resume, specific major responsibilities and accomplishments in current and previous employment are to be enlisted and elaborated. An ideal list would be duties that reflect skills in communication, organizing, time management, dependability and reliability. An example of this would be; “Handles all queries, concerns, and requests of clients and potential customers that are received through phone calls, e-mail, as well as messages and comments in company website and social networking sites”. The responsibility of the applicant stated in the example, highlighted the ability in customer service, as well as technical and internet skills.

Detailed List Of Professional Experience

In this part, the job experiences and other related experiences need not be expounded since the job responsibilities are already indicated in the duties and accomplishments section. Enlist the employment history details only, such as name of company, and year of employment. The list should be in chronological order, beginning from the most recent employment.

Effective Administrative Assistant Resumes

An administrative assistant position may seem like a job that anyone can do because of the kind of tasks that comes with it however, not everyone can be good at it. This is because this position needs an individual who is good in handling any kind of pressure, has a pleasing personality especially when it comes to customer relations, is able to manage time wisely, and is organized. Not everyone possesses those qualities which are often overlooked, and this is why administrative assistant resumes should showcase these qualities to be effective.

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