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Tips on How to Write Acting Resumes

The format of acting resumes is different from the usual resume formats of other careers. Unlike in other professions, an actor’s resume does not necessarily have to have indicated objectives, or summary of qualifications. It is also a field that does not require an applicant to have a college degree, as long as he/she has an acting experience, as well as training.

The Actor Profile in the Acting Resumes

In the contact information section of the acting resumes, add physical characteristics such as height, weight, measurements, hair color and eye color. This will be very useful to the casting manger as specific roles have specific characteristics required for the part. If the actor is affiliated with an agency or other professional acting organizations, it should be placed underneath the name. It is also very important to include a presentable photo, specifically a headshot, to give a clearer idea of the actor’s physical appearance. The photo need not be formal, as long as it clearly shows the face in a presentable way.

Acting Experience

The resume of a professional actor would usually begin with a list of acting experiences right after the personal information. This is ideally and usually listed in three columns and in an acting resumesorderly fashion; indicating roles and/or acting experience in film, theater, television, commercials, voice-overs and the like. The first column should enlist the particular film title, show, commercial project, and/or title of the play. The second column should indicate the role played in the project. The actual names of the characters played need not be mentioned; just write if it’s a lead role, a supporting role, or featured extra. In the last column, write down the production company of the project.

Special Training and Skills in Acting

For this part, educational attainment need not include degrees and courses taken that are not related to acting. If the actor did not take up an acting course, related training would suffice such as acting workshops and other professional affiliations. Courses taken in the field of communication arts however, would be ideal to mention. Include a special skills section at the bottom of the resume, after the education and training portion. The special skills mentioned should focus more on special talents and hobbies such as playing an instrument, singing, badminton, diving, and the like. Action stunts done in films and stage performances are an advantage as well. Also include different dialects spoken.

Qualities of a Good Actor

Acting entails a lot of sheer guts and ability to communicate or interpret messages through body language, tone of voice, manner of speech, expressions, and such. These qualities are very specific, therefore when writing acting resumes, the most effective is to just focus on acting experiences or anything related to performing arts, and eliminate the rest.

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