Nurse CV

Example Europass Curriculum Vitae
Personal information
First name(s) / Surname(s) John Smith
Address(es) Street Name
Telephone(s) Home: 1234-1234567
Fax(es) 1234-1234567
Nationality English
Work experience
Dates April 2002 – present
Occupation or position held Registered Nurse
Main activities and responsibilities Coordinated 61 patients in the Skilled Nursing Unit. Directed case management and financial assessments for all patients. Fostered relationships with geriatric patients and their families. Reviewed prescription medications with residents and suggested changes in care based on feedback. Spearheaded accreditation process for membership in the American Association of Retirement Continuing Care. Assisted administrative effort and evaluated criteria, which directly aided facility in meeting the standards for accreditation.Generated the highest percentage reimbursement rate (ranked #3 out of 14) for medical assistance by conducting proper caseload management. Served as liaison directly accountable to physicians and patients for overseeing accuracy of case history reports. Designed in-house training manual for RNAC position and ensured documentation complied with current federal and state government requirements. Developed nursing protocols, flow sheets, and assessment tools that assisted staff in improving productivity and expediting patient care procedures.
Name and address of employer HavenRest Care Facility, Streetname. 11, 111111 London, UK
Type of business or sector  Healthcare
Dates August 1995 – April 2002
Occupation or position held Registered Nurse – Critical Care
Main activities and responsibilities Performed all duties of ICU Nurse on a 24-bed Critical Care Unit, serving as Cardiac Care Nurse and Radiology Nurse simultaneously. Coordinated coverage for new procedures, such as Vertebralplasty and Uterine Artery Embolizations. Assisted with all angiography exams: Cerebral Angiograms, Aortograms with Leg Run Offs, Angioplasty of Diseased Arteries, Renal Angiograms with Angioplasty, and Mesenteric Angiograms.
Staffed Diagnostic Cardiac Cath Laboratory, Radiology, and Special Procedures Unit.
Monitored conscious sedation of all radiology performed procedures to ensure patient comfort.
Developed specialty with Cardiac Catheterizations, Permanent Pacemaker
Insertions, and Swan-Ganz Catheter Insertions, reducing need for an additional staff member in ICU.
Commended for skill assisting Central Line Placements, PICC Lines, and A-V Graft/Fistula Revasculerizations.
Name and address of employer Memorial Hospital, Streetname. 44, 123456 London, UK
Type of business or sector Healthcare
Education and training
Dates September 1991 – August 1995
Title of qualification awarded Bachelor of Science (Biology and Psychology)
Principal subjects / occupational skills covered Principle studies included: History of Psychology, Statistics, History of Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology.
Name and type of organisation providing education and training RMIT University
Personal skills and competences
Mother tongue(s) English
Other language(s)
Self-assessment Understanding Speaking Writing
European level Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
German C2 Proficient User C2 Proficient User C2 Proficient User C2 Proficient User C2 Proficient User
Social skills and competences
Organisational skills and competences Dedicated and caring nursing professional with a genuine concern for patient well-being.
Consistently recognized for maintaining supportive and open family/client interactions.
Adept problem solving capabilities: individually and as a team player.
Skilled, clear communicator: both oral and written..
Known for providing strong peer/team support.
Demonstrated organizational excellence.
Technical skills and competences Nursing professional with 24 years of nursing and supervisory experience. Comprehensive knowledge of direct patient care, nursing procedures, healthcare administration policies, and caseload management. Reputation as a self-directed professional with superior problem solving, communication, and management skills. Successful in managing time, prioritizing tasks, and organizing projects to improve the Quality of Patient Care.
Computer skills and competences PC / Mac – Word, Patient Care System, Medi Tech, Email and Internet Research
Other skills and competences Proven success evaluating patient progress levels and recommending modifications in treatment programs.
Proficiency working with and interpreting EKGs.
Instrumental in providing exceptional level of service to all patients.
Driving licence(s) Group B
Additional information References available upon request.

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