Financial Analyst CV

Example Europass Curriculum Vitae
Personal information
First name(s) / Surname(s) John Smith
Address(es) Street Name
Telephone(s) Home: 1234-1234567
Fax(es) 1234-1234567
Nationality English
Work experience
Dates April 2002 – present
Occupation or position held  Financial Operations
Main activities and responsibilities Recruited to assist Controller with integration of Bill of Material module into company software and processes. Steadily increased responsibility, particularly with regard to financial matters, often given various analytical projects that were not associated with primary responsibilities to accomplish. Researched Work Order module, and lobbied to have its integration included in new Bill of Materials module. Facilitated in automatic reserving and transforming inventory of raw materials into inventory of finished goods, while leaving an audit trail, which assisted in maintaining an accurate inventory. Established coding system for new modules, input data, configured and tested system for operational issues. Investigated integration of modules finding sources of various problems from software specific problems to paper-trail issues. Performed bank reconciliations for Red Creek Lab division, successfully updated financials that had been neglected for five months. Worked along side of CEO to address all financial inquiries and concerns through use of ad-hoc analysis to support the growing complexity of the company’s financial structure. Authorized and coordinated majority of cash expenditures regarding allocations of scarce funds. Maintained strict budget on daily basis ensuring production schedule could be met and negotiated with creditors in order to maintain critical business relationships. Maintained A/P ledger, A/P and payroll modules, daily call log of creditors, and running list of major financial obligations that were prioritized in order of importance.
Name and address of employer ROOSTER MANUFACTURING INC, Streetname. 11 111111 London, UK
Type of business or sector  Finance
Dates August 1995 – April 2002
Occupation or position held Temporary Employee
Main activities and responsibilities Assigned to Rooster Manufacturing project – recruited due to extensive analytical skills and research capabilities in the areas of report management, data procurement, and project development.
Name and address of employer ACCOUNTING PROS, Streetname. 44, 126111 London, UK
Type of business or sector  Finance
Education and training
Dates September 1991 – August 1995
Title of qualification awarded  Bachelor of Science, Finance
Principal subjects / occupational skills covered Principle studies included: Corporate Finance, Small Business Management, Financial Analysis, Business Plan Review, Financial Markets & Institutions, Critical Decision Making, Shoestring Budgeting, Strategic Planning, Capital Investment Analysis
Name and type of organisation providing education and training RMIT University, London
Personal skills and competences
Mother tongue(s) English
Other language(s)
Self-assessment Understanding Speaking Writing
European level Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
German C2 Proficient User C2 Proficient User C2 Proficient User C2 Proficient User C2 Proficient User
Social skills and competences Resourceful problem solver with proven ability to conceptualize solutions to challenging situations and maximize success. Articulate communicator across diverse groups and at all organizational levels.
Organisational skills and competences Recognized by executive staff as a dependable leader with exceptional problem-solving skills, expertise in maximizing resources and the ability to motivate and encourage others. Knowledge of employee development techniques and processes.
Technical skills and competences Analytical, creative professional who applies business analysis and critical thinking skills to develop new systems and enhance existing operations. Experience with a wide range of functions including system modules implementation, test system integration, business process improvement, research, and ad-hoc analysis.
Computer skills and competences Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Windows 95/98/2000/XP, MAS 90, MAS 200, Peachtree, Netscape Navigator, and Crystal Reports.
Other skills and competences Enjoy opportunities to think “outside the square” deriving new solutions to old problems through strategic information gathering, data collection, and comprehensive scrutiny. Persuasive and concise communicator; expert in modifying complex technical information for multiple audiences, and coaching subordinates for greater productivity and understanding.
Driving licence(s) Group B
Additional information References available upon request.

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