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The basic goal of a CV is to get you past the first screening process, and to the interview phase. There are several aspects you cannot control at this moment; the potential employer may be looking for a very specific background, certain courses, or previous work experience that you do not have – which means it’s very unlikely to get selected for the next phase.
But, if employers do not find the exact ideal candidate among the first batch of CVs received, they may be willing to widen their search, and, if that happens, a great CV is the only way to get your foot in the door and stand out from the group of applicants.
And, even if you have the required qualifications, experience, and training, a perfect CV can make things a lot smoother at the interview. As any HR employee can tell you, there are some candidates that you call in for an interview without knowing exactly what to expect, and there are some that you can’t wait to interview, and you’re really hoping they will prove just as good as their resume. If you want to be one of those candidates, it’s vital to prepare your CV in great detail, and our free CV samples can be of great help in this respect.

Why Use CV Samples at All?

The main reason to use professional CV samples is to insure that you do not skip anything important. It’s easy to get carried away and write too much in one chapter, and forget about adding something that could really be vital from the employer’s perspective.
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In addition, good CV samples force you to follow a previously established format. While you may thing that this is a drawback for your creativity, bear in mind that the HR team will probably receive hundreds, if not even thousands of applications, and they will most likely scan the CVs, looking for certain key points, instead of reading them word for word – at least for the initial selection. If the CV is not in a standard format, the potential employer may simply not see the required information at the first glance, even if it’s there, somewhere, and your creatively crafted CV may just end up in the thrash can.

  • The standard format used by perfect CV examples also prevents you from writing too much, which is a considerable risk. When you stare at a blank page, waiting for the inspiration to hit, it may seem like you don’t have anything at all to put on paper, but a CV is after all a reflection of your professional life, of your aspirations and goals, and, once you start writing, you will find that you have a lot of things to say, possibly too many. A good CV should cover about two pages, so you don’t have a lot of space to write your life’s history, and the potential employer also does not have a lot of time to read a full novel, so it’s important to keep things relevant and brief.
  • Formatting, fonts, and spelling are of utmost importance. If you use good examples of CVs, you will find it a lot easier to deal with some of these aspects. At least some of the words and phrases are already written, so you won’t need to worry about double and triple-checking the spelling there. Just because the respective job does not involve any typing, it doesn’t mean you can send it a CV full of mistakes: it’s a way of saying that you don’t pay attention to details, and you don’t really care about that job enough to proofread your resume before applying.
  • Last but not least, writing and updating CVs can be time consuming, especially when you’re really desperate to find a new job and you apply to every opening that you see advertised. A few years back, HR specialists recommended writing one CV to fit all job applications, and complementing it with a personalized cover letter. Things have changed, mainly due to the ever increasing competition on the employment market. If you really want to land your dream job, now it’s highly advisable to create customized CVs each time you send an application, so that you can highlight the most important details for that particular position. This means that you’ll have a lot of writing to do, and using free CV samples can speed up the process considerably, allowing you to focus on what matters most: fine tuning the result until it’s absolutely perfect.

Putting a Personal Spin on Your CV


The CV examples will provide you with the backbone for a strong, professional, well-balanced CV, but you need to take it from there, and add some meat to the bones. Research indicates that employers spend about 45 seconds looking at a CV, before deciding that it’s not worth their time. If you make it past those 45 seconds, you have a good chance of being one of the few selected for an interview, and then you will truly have the opportunity to prove that you’re the right person for the job.

  • Customizing does not mean using decorative paper and colored fonts – quite to the contrary, that is the perfect way to make sure your CV ends up in the trash immediately. Instead, take each chapter and each bullet of the CV samples, and consider how they apply to you, and how you can highlight your best and most successful experience in each case.
  • Instead of a long list of previous jobs, select some relevant challenges and accomplishments, underlining how each of them helped your professional development. Don’t forget to include any unusual achievements in the education area as well; if you’ve graduated as the first of your class in a training course, make sure to specify that.
  • Think of a short list of words that represent who you are and how you work, such as dedicated, loyal, creative, responsible, multi-tasker, and so on, and make sure they are placed in the most visible areas of the final document, and backed up by evidence. For instance, if you want to showcase your loyalty to a previous employer, make sure to highlight that you’ve spent many years with that company, or that you continued to work with them despite financial hardships – such examples will improve your credibility and will indicate that you’re not using words just because they sound good.

Use our extensive collection of free CV samples to boost your career today. We offer a wide range of CV examples, for different areas of employment and for various backgrounds and situations, so it’s impossible not to find one that will get you started on the right path.

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