Resume Writing Tips Not to Miss


A resume looks easy enough to write, doesn’t it? After all, it is just a mish-mash of your educational background, your work history, and other information that will tell employers you are looking for a job. If this is how you look at a resume, you are in trouble and you really should think twice about submitting that one you have in hand right now as it may not give hiring managers the bets impression about you.

Writing a good resume takes a lot of skill and patience- two things not a lot of people have and this is why so many dread the though and actual act of building and updating a resume. Indeed, it does seem daunting but it can be done. You just need some smart resume writing tips and you will surely end up with a masterpiece or your own making. Do not worry, the resume writing tips featured here are nothing out the ordinary; they just happen to be really clever tips shared by experts.

5 Resume Writing Tips to Get You Started

  • Choose a basic font. There are so many people who think the best way to get their resume to stand out is to use fancy fonts but this can be the worst thing you do. Remember, hiring managers have to go through hundreds of resumes a day and the ones with fancy fonts may strain the eye. Steer clear of the ones that look like fancy handwriting or Comic Sans if you want to be taken seriously. Use Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman as they are classic and easy to read.Resume Writing Tips Not to Miss
  • List all contact details. Make sure you write down all your contact details where you can be reached. Type in your email address, your trunk line number, and your mobile number. You can leave out your address if you want but it may be better to just type it in there. Once everything is in place, read it all again to make sure you have everything right.
  • If you want your resume to be complete, you can come up with an objective that is short but concise. However, this isn’t a must and if your resume is going to be full of details anyway, you can skip writing the objective.
  • Include keywords. Some hiring managers use software that will pick out keywords from the resumes that are given. This makes the whole hiring process faster as they can weed out the ones that do not fit the bill. Make sure you use keywords found in the job ad so the software can pick your resume out from the crowd.


Choose the right format. You can check out different resume formats and templates online if you are unsure which one to use. Most resume writing tops you find will tell you not take the resume format for granted because each type will suit a different purpose and choosing the right format can even make the whole but of writing your resume that much easier and you will not risk missing out on details.

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