Resume Tips for Older Workers


When applying for a job, a person’s age is one of the factors which may affect his or her being hired. There are some instances when age and experience can become an advantage, but there are also times when both of these factors may affect a person’s application. This is especially true for a person’s resume.

Because even resume trends change after every few years, it is advised to constantly update a person’s resume. Resume tips for older workers would include updating the resume whenever new entries would take place. These entries include:

  • Achievements – Quantifiable achievements such as sales increase and similar ones can be added as soon as they are still fresh in the memory. This should also include promotions, if any, and the date when the promotion happened.
  • Seminars – These seminars can be included in supporting documents requested for resumes. Whenever seminars are attended, note the dates as well as the theme of the seminar.
  • Awards – Awarded the “employee of the year” award several times in your career? Jot it down in a concise manner to show your dedication to your job.

Needless to say, a person should update his or her resume whenever a new job post has been acquired. There are times when an individual doesn’t exactly last for years in one Resume Tips for Older Workersposition or company, but moves on from a company to another in search of greener pastures. When this happens, noting the company name and date of employment up to the date of resignation is a must. If the exact dates cannot be remembered, indicate only the month and year along with the position held for the company or business.

Be careful about your years. This is a resume tip for older workers because as previously mentioned, your years may not always be an edge just because you have much experience. If you finished college, don’t indicate your high school in your resume. It would also be better if you can skip adding the date of graduation so you can avoid casting that “long ago” graduate vibe.

When you have already worked for several years, say 20 years or more in different related positions and have worked for several businesses of companies, it would be better if you are more particular about what to include in your years of experience. First, include only those which are from the past 5-10 years and only write those which are relevant to the job you are applying for now.

Another resume tip for older workers include using a targeted, functional, or combination resume. Targeted resumes are those which are customized to highlight your skills. When applying for a job which requires specific skills that you have learned through your years of employment, you can use this resume. You can use a functional or combination resume for when you would like to emphasize on your accomplishments especially if you have had a long and distinguished career. But as a reminder, stick only to the more recent years of your work employment.

Remember to highlight what relevant skills you have and that you are in the know when it comes to the latest technological updates which are being used in office environments nowadays. If you are competent when it comes to using certain computer programs, write those down and you will surely benefit from having both experience and skills on your side this way.


Lastly, show that you’re connected. This may be in the form of having good personal references which you can include at the bottom of your resume. At least three of the best personal references you can include should be in your resume. Another way to show you’re connected is by having a LinkedIn profile which can signify being available in a modern way of networking as well as communication with your probably employers.

Last but not the least, check and recheck what you have included in your resume. Make sure it’s spotless to show your resume reviewer how professional and thorough you are!

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