Resume Outline for Fresh College Grads


You have finally made it out of college and for that, you deserve a pat on the back. College is not easy what with all the distractions, tests, exams, projects, and papers you had to go to. But here is news, now you have to focus on something that is ultimately harder and that is to look for a job. You will find that the real world is a bit bloodier than college but with the right attitude and the right resume outline, you should be just fine.

Writing a resume from scratch is never easy but you do not have to worry as you can easily find a resume outline to suit your needs. In your case as a fresh grad, you need to focus on the following:

What to Include in Your Resume Outline?

  • Educational accomplishments and coursework – employers know that fresh grads like yourself do not have years and years of hands-on work experience so you need to bank on your education to get you through that door. You need to emphasize your education because employers see this as training and will use it to judge your capabilities in functioning within their company. Aside from using education to check if you have been trained, they will also want to see that you can be trained even further. List skills you have acquired in a particular field and include your GPA if it is particularly impressive.resume outline
  • Internships – your internships are very important and you need to include them in your resume outline. These will show employers that even as a fresh grad, you have undergone training in a real life scenario and that you have a passion to work. If you have any certificates of completion, you should have them in hand as some employers may ask for them.
  • Extracurricular activities – you do not have an extensive work history but your experiences in college provide you with a lot of activities you can place on your resume outline and are vital to the companies you apply to. You may not have been paid for these extracurricular activities but they have endowed you with skills that will be vital to the workplace. The main idea here is even if the skills you have aren’t exactly directly relevant to the job you want, it is still vital to put them on the resume.
  • Your format – there are hundreds of different formats and templates you can choose from and you may be called on to change your template and format for every different job you apply to. Some job seekers say format isn’t at all that important but to fresh grads like you, format is crucial and you need to get it right.

Where to Look for Templates?


If you find yourself stumped as to what format to choose or which template looks best, you may want to check out online resume builders. They will provide you with templates of every type so you do not ever have to worry about getting your resume wrong. You can go for paid resume maker services or you can choose the free ones online.

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