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A resume is probably the most important tool a jobseeker has in order to get accepted for a position. It is an encapsulation of an individual’s professional worth. Resumes can get you noticed by your potential employer, but a poorly crafted resume can also negatively impact your career. Because creating a resume isn’t always easy and not everyone can hire a professional resume writer to create a resume for them, a lot of individuals now prefer to look for a free resume maker.

Livecareer.com is considered to be one of the best free resume makers online. A free resume maker such as that found in Livecareer.com can help craft a personal resume while maintaining a professional overall look. A great resume doesn’t always have to be expensive. Livecareer.com can give you an outstanding resume which you can generate with their free resume maker online.

What Are the Features of Livecareer.Com’s Resume Maker?

First off the list is that it is free! Absolutely free and no charge. This does not, however, mean that you have to make do with a sub-par resume. Free doesn’t mean low quality, and Livecareer.com can take care of your resume needs for you.free resume maker

Their online resume maker is user-friendly and very easy to use. You will have a step by step guide on how you can tweak your resume while using their online resources. These resources include:

  • 200 professional resume templates
  • 2997 sample resumes you can use for reference
  • Their Text Tuner tips
  • Fonts and design tools

With 200 resume templates to choose from, you will surely have a professional resume containing all the information you prefer to include in a seamless resume you can use for your applications. Apart from these features on their resume making tool, they also provide almost 3000 resume samples and writing tips to help you come up with a competitive resume which fits the modern standards of the employment process.

You can have a great resume in just minutes! Livecareer.com allows you to upload your own resume, tweak it with their tools, or start from scratch by choosing from their templates. To make the overall procedure of making your resume much easier, you can apply their designs with just one click to achieve a professional resume format. It’s that simple. Making a competitive and professional resume doesn’t have to cost you much. When you use Livecareer.com’s free resume maker online, you can have your customized resume which makes use of tried and tested resume formats and design.


To make your application process much easier, Livecareer.com’s services isn’t limited to making resumes only! You can also create your own cover letter and it would take just a few clicks to find one which would best match your resume. Making a resume online doesn’t have to be a tedious and complex endeavor. Livecareer.com gives you access to quality resources which can help you generate your very own professional resume at no extra cost and with just a few clicks. The professional layouts and formats they offer will surely get you noticed!

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