Qualities to Look for when You Download CV Template


There may be times when you would need to update your resume. Career changes happen and sometimes, you have to change your resume in order to be able to efficiently sell yourself even if it’s just on a sheet of paper. If you have no idea how to prepare your own resume, you can download CV template online which you can fill out or use as reference when preparing your own resume.

Here are some of the qualities you ought to look for and consider when deciding to download CV template online:

  • Number of pages – Good resumes can give employers what they need to see in just one page. A good resume template can give you the outline of what your resume should contain in just one page. Lengthy resumes can be boring! You would like to stay away from templates which make use of more than one page just to make you look more impressive.
  • Columns – To maximize the use of space you can go for templates which make use of columns. Three columns is advised, and two columns would also work well. More than three might make the page look too crowded. Columns make your information easier to read and can save the screener reading time.download CV template
  • Tables – Similar to columns, you can download CV template which makes use of tables to  sort your information in a more organized manner.
  • Bullets – Instead of entering blocks of space, good CV templates provide you with an area with bullets where you can highlight all of your most important skills.
  • White space – The layout would be more artistic and easy on the eyes if you choose a resume which makes use of just the right amount of margins and spacing between every line of text. An inch from the sides is good as a rule of thumb.

The sections of a resume would determine how the overall flow of your CV would look like. Sections can be divided by a simple line or headers with text that is a bit bigger. Here are the basic sections you ought to include, and which details should be placed under every section:

  • Contact information – Indicate your first and last name, complete home address, phone numbers (both home and mobile), as well as your e-mail address. Depending on your chosen format, this can be on the very top or at the bottom.
  • Objective – Some templates include a space for this while others don’t. If you prefer this, choose a template which allots one or two lines for your objectives to make efficient use of space, or skip this feature if you have no specific objectives in mind.
  • Qualifications and experiences – Mention all the experiences here, job positions held, companies worked for, and dates of your employment. Templates can have tables or columns which you can fill out that mention all these important details.
  • Educational background – Columns and tables can also be on templates to mention the universities and schools you have attended, degrees attained, as well as honors and awards.
  • Skills – Templates can assign bullets for the skills section where you can list all the relevant skills you have for the job position you are applying for.


We have several CV templates available for you to download, edit, or use as references in order to help you achieve a professional resume you can present to your potential employees.

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