Prepare Your Resume for a Job Fair Success


For you to be effective in a job fair, you need to be ready. Whether you are a fresh graduate seeking your first position or a seasoned professional looking for another opportunity, attending job fairs is one way to find a job. Job fairs allow you to meet company recruitment officers from various companies and industries in one place. Job fairs usually happen in a big area as a venue to help job seekers land a job.

Preparing a comprehensive resume that is easy to read gives employers the impression that you are serious in looking for a job. Here is how you can prepare your resume for a job fair success.

The Four Sections of a Resume

To give your resume a simple strategic flow, split your resume into four sections. These are:

  • Objective
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills

Objective Section

Compose the type of position you are looking for in this area of your resume. An objective statement should not be longer than two statements so make it brief. An example objective statement looks like this; “To apply as a web developer specializing in web structure and design”. When submitting your resume to different companies in the job fair, create different versions of the objective statement.

Work Experience Section

This is where you list down the positions you have had in your previous jobs, the recent position being the first to be written down. Write a brief statement of the job duties and responsibilities and how long you held the position. Include at least three recent job positions in your resume.Prepare Your Resume for a Job Fair Success

If you just recently graduated and have little work experience, you can list internships, volunteer works, or summer jobs that you had which showed values in leadership and developing skills.

Education Section

In this area of your resume, you are to write down the school you went to and trainings you have received. First, write down the most recent school you attended to and make sure to include your major, GPA, and number of years attended. You can also add your date of graduation in this section.

Skills Section

This section is crucial. Employers tend to directly look for the skills that you have. So make sure that you have your set of skills listed in here. Example of skills includes computer software experience, writing skills, event planning skills, and customer service skills. When creating resumes for specific industries in a job fair, list down the skills you have which are applicable for each industry.

Create a List of References


References are important in a resume as employers will call them and verify what is written on your resume. To make a reference, list down the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of people that know you well and can give positive feedback about you to an employer. These references can be your professors, old colleagues, or trusted friends. A job reference is part of a resume and is listed on a separate page.

To be successful in a job fair, make your resume appealing, conduct research about the company you are applying for, and don’t forget to create multiple copies of your resume. Good luck!

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