Popular Jobs in NYC


Are you thinking of moving to The Big Apple? It certainly is a very exciting prospect if you are indeed planning on making the move but before you go, you should really think about the move and how you plan to make it successful. Granted, there are many people who have just upped and moved to NYC without a plan and they turned out fine but do you really want to risk that in today’s economy? Of course not and that is not a very wise move.

When planning the move to New York, the first things you need to think about are where to live and where to look for work. Be warned that living expenses in NYC are notoriously high and while it is the city where dreams come true, it may not be the place for someone looking for a job in farming and animal husbandry. It really is important that you look for a job in your New City and below is a list of popular jobs that you may want to consider once you have made the move.

IT Expert – as the world moves into the digital age, you can bet IT experts will be highly sought after and if you have a degree or some experience in IT, that is the career you want to be looking at. The good news is that IT experts enjoy very stable jobs in NYC and they have even projected a growth for the profession in the coming years. Take advantage of that chance and live your dreams in NYC. Starting pay is $50k but can go up to $150k.Popular Jobs in NYC

Lawyer – if you are a law graduate or are a lawyer in your hometown, you should really look at a career in NYC. You will never run out of things to do and the best part is you get paid really well. You can earn a staggering $160k a year and some law firms will even give you bonuses.

Electrical engineer – if you have a background in electrical engineering or if you worked as an electrical engineer, you should look into electrical engineering jobs New York.  Not only is there a very high demand for electrical engineers but you will also be paid very well. Besides, there is a projected rise in the demand for electrical engineers in the city.

College admissions officer – if you have a BA in Business Administration or some related field, you can nab this job for sure. The pay isn’t too hot since you start out at just around $40k a year but you get tons of perks like free education, great vacation time, and awesome working hours. It is also recession-proof so you never have to worry about your job in case the economy turns sour.


Veterinarian – New York is a haven for veterinarians because tons of people have pets they treat like kids. Getting such a job in NYC could have you looking at a median income of at least $71k per year and it could go up if you get big name clients.

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