Personal Assistant Resume Tips for Crafting a Competitive Resume


Each job position requires different resume entries, and paying attention to these differences can be a crucial factor in determining how well your resume can help you land your perfect job position. Personal assistant jobs are in demand especially because of the hectic schedules that top executives have. To land that job, here are some personal assistant resume tips you can put to use when preparing a resume for your next application:

  • Write your objective clearly. You have your specific job position in mind and you ought to write your objective as clearly as possible. The main tasks of a personal assistant include directly dealing with clients and taking care of appointments and overseeing other tasks for their boss. Indicate how you plan on using your skills to help you employer be more efficient and productive.
  • Enumerate relevant experiences. List your previous job positions held, dates of employment, and the companies where you have previously worked for. If you have already had personal assistant jobs before, write them down as this will be additional points for your application.personal assistant resume
  • Highlight your special skills. A personal assistant is expected to have several skills—in short, versatile. If you have special skills which you can possibly use at work, give it space in your resume and enumerate them. These skills may include the likes of being able to speak more than one language, child management skills, skills in cooking, planning events and such. A lot is expected from personal assistants which is why having several skills can help get you more noticed.
  • Include your personal references. These may be previous employers who you have been a personal assistant to. You may also just state “References available upon request.” If you are saving space for more important entries such as your previous experiences.
  • Write a summary at the very top of your resume especially if you have had a long career. Personal assistant resume tips for older workers include this since this can help save space by not having to enumerate how long you have been working, and how much experience on the field you have already acquired.

Other Personal Assistant Resume Tips to Follow

When writing a resume, always follow these classic tips which apply to almost all resumes to give them a more professional appearance:

  • Take note of your white space. Do not overcrowd your resume and stick to just one page if you can. This makes your resume easier to read.
  • Use a standard font and size. This can help you achieve a simpler and more elegant resume which is appealing to read.
  • Include your educational background. Include the college you graduated from, or the highest level of education you have attained along with the name of the school and years attended.
  • Do not forget your contact information. Place your contact information either under your name at the very top, or right before your resume ends.


Double check all entries, especially proper names, contact numbers, and just about all written text. Proofread your resume before turning it in.

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