Myths Concerning Resume Writing


If there is one type of document that really gets a lot of attention, it has to be the resume. After all, this is the document that helps people get noticed and help them land jobs so it only makes sense that they get a lot of attention. As with anything that gets a lot of attention and has been around for quite some time, the resume is the subject of many myths and lies.

If you have just finished writing your own resume and everything you think or people say should be in there in in place, read on below for some excellent resume help that will help you make sure your resume is updated and doesn’t fall prey to common resume myths that will just ruin it in the long run.

Resume Help to Bust Resume Myths

    • You must list references- several years back, listing references was a must but not anymore. while having references will matter once you reach other parts of the employment process, writing “references available upon request” on your resume will not make it stand out from others.
    • You must keep your resume to a single page. This is another myth that needs to be busted because it is simply not true. It is not the page that matters but the wordcount. Try to keep the count at about 390 words per page and you should be fine.
    • Spelling errors disqualify you immediately. You need to proofread your resume and make sure there are no mistakes. But small typos and grammar mistakes will not automatically land you a disqualification. At the end of the day, it is the content that matters.resume help
    • Graphs waste space. According to resume help experts, graphs are an excellent way to get the attention of employers. By including a graph, you present your story to the employer much more quickly and he will appreciate that.
    • Fancy formats are better. It is important to format your resume in such a way that it shows your skills and qualifications best. However, the format you choose doesn’t necessarily have to be overly fancy. Keep in mind that the best formats are the simplest ones.
    • Write an objective statement. Older resume help experts will say an objective is a must but this isn’t necessarily true. Recent studies have shown that CVs were deemed qualified even without any objective statements.


  • Include soft skills. It is okay to talk about your soft skills but do not make them the sole focus of your resume. List your achievements as these will grab the attention of the hiring manager for sure.
  • Never use color in your resume. Color must never be used in resumes and they always need to be in black and white. This isn’t true of course because when used correctly, color can have a positive impact on the hiring manager.
  • List your achievements in a different section. This is one way to get them overlooked and it is better to place them front and center right next to your education list.

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