Most Stable Jobs in New York


When it comes to finding a job, the image of a bustling city with several great opportunities comes to mind. New York happens to be one of the best places to find a job. With its many skyscrapers and employers constantly looking for professionals to hire, working in the big apple can certainly be a great career opportunity. However, you would still benefit from being employed in a job that is one of the most stable options that this great city has to offer.

When you find yourself as one of the job hunters trying to find career advancement in New York, here are some of the most stable jobs that you can try applying to:

  • The IT industry – If you know you have the qualifications, this ever-present opportunity can land you a stable career where you can use your skills. A degree in engineering or computer science can help get you this job which will surely stay in demand for the following years to come.
  • Electrical engineer – Who else can keep businesses especially those with huge buildings and physical systems up and running? Why, electrical engineers of course. Their expertise are unmatched and each business would need at least two to work together and maintain the systems of their business to ensure that everything is in working order as well as hazard-free for all the employees.Most Stable Jobs in New York
  • Bartender – Night life in New York is not dead, and one of the main careers which can be fun as well as rewarding would be to be a bartender. This is a great option if you want another job apart from your eight to five. You will have non-stop clientele in almost all the bars and the tips make this job extra appealing.
  • Lawyer – You can choose to be a member of a firm or you can be hired by a certain business as their private consultant. A lot of firms are in New York and career advancement as well as building a network would be great if you get hired in one of their firms.
  • Nurses – A job that is almost always in demand, nurses offer 24-hour services which is why there is always room for more in the medical institutions of New York. Having a matching nurse resume can help you land a job either as a part-timer or as a full-time nurse.
  • Personal finance advisor – This can work well even if you choose to have several clients or if you choose to be employed by just one person. CEOs, companies, and other individuals need personal finance advisors to make sure their money is well spent and taken account for. As a personal finance advisor, you can cater to the financial advice needs of various individuals or be employed by a company or just one person.


Stability plays a huge role in determining whether you would like to go for a job or not and with the above-mentioned stable jobs in New York, you can narrow down your options and have a career which is both financially rewarding and something that you know you can keep for years.

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