Most Promising Companies in America and Who They Want


Finding a job is hard. Finding a stable and good-paying job is even harder. However, the professionals of today need not fear finding a good employment if they know who to go to. Knowing more about America’s most promising companies in 2014 can help you as a professional to narrow down your job-hunting list of companies to visit.

You can find the job which can help you grow as a professional while being able to make the ends meet for you and your family by selecting the right employer. While it is true that your career still rests on their hands, you can improve your chances of getting better employment when you spend your efforts on applying for job positions at some of America’s most promising companies in 2014.

Take a look at this list and see which of these companies may have the greener pastures you are looking for:

  • Evolent Health – This company is backed up by their $130 million-figure growth in their capital and individuals in the healthcare industry would benefit from working for this company. Also, insurance agents and those who have previously worked for insurance companies may also apply for vacancies in Evolent Health.Most Promising Companies in America and Who They Want
  • Fuhu – If you are in the technology industry, Fuhu, which sells the “Nabi” or the tablet made especially for kids, might just be the right one for you. They make educational games and child-friendly software for their Android-based app. They experienced $175 million in revenue in January, and you can be a part of this rising empire.
  • Suja – If you have a background in food research and manufacturing, you can try applying for a vacancy at Suja. They are a producer of organic, cold-pressed juice that sells for as much as $8.99 per bottle! They might be in need of marketing people to get their products noticed more and stay noticed. It will be your task to encourage people how good this juice is for them despite the hefty price.
  • Airpush – For those in the advertising field, Airpush is a place you may want to try. They are responsible for delivering the mobile ads that big company names such as Coke, Volkswagen, and Amazon have. You can lend them your creative insights and earn at the same time!
  • Lending Club – For individuals in the finance category or perhaps those in website development and maintenance, Lending Club – a peer-to-peer lending website for loans – is a place you may want to check out. If you are particularly skilled with numbers and computations, you may also be one of the experts they need to help ensure they give their clients the right amount they are looking for.
  • Smashburger – If you are in the food industry, Smashburger has shown a steady growth and if the trend continues, this casual restaurant chain which is making its way into the international food scene is somewhere you’d want to be for a stable, food industry-related job.


Consider sending your applications to these companies if you know you are the professional they are looking for!

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