Jobs and Job Search Guidelines

Choosing Right Jobs


Finding right jobs is the problem that most people worry about.
One of the reasons for this is the lack of experience. Also, people who didn’t finish college have bigger problem here when it comes to job hunting.  We will discuss in this article how you can get yourself employed.

How to find right jobs

There are numerous positions out there and you just have to choose one that fits to your skill. Keep in mind, a perfect job should fit your skills, not the other way around.

Here are some tips that can help you get employed:

  • If you are a volunteer in some non-profit organizations (like church, for example). You can include it in your resume as an extra-curricular activity.
  • Some of your friends are already employed. You can ask them if they know any job openings that you can apply for. If the job that your friend works on is the same job that you want to have, why not try applying on the same company?
  • Search online for jobs. Internet is the best way to look for jobs. Once you have chosen a company, it is best to research everything you could about them. When they invite you to a job interview, make them amazed of how much you know about the company.

Job application process

If you are ready for your application, you can now prepare all the documents that the company requires including your resume. jobsBe sure to make your resume in standard format.

  • Contact the company and inquire about the available positions. They will schedule you for an interview.
  • During the interview, be sure to make a good impression. Smile, be confident and make yourself comfortable.
  • After the interview, you will have to wait for their call in few days to see if they will hire you or not.
  • If they like you to be one of their employees, they will contact again. This time, they will tell you about the further process of your application.
  • If it took you so long and you haven’t received any calls, you can assume that your application wasn’t approved. Apply somewhere else.

Pros and cons about graduate jobs.

One of the reasons for the application not to be approved is for the applicant not holding a degree in college.


Most of the higher positions require this. That’s why there are people who are just looking for freelance job instead. Freelance and corporate jobs both have their pros and cons. In corporate positions, the schedule and the salary are fixed. You wouldn’t earn more than your regular pay unless you get promoted. But the advantage of being in such position is not having to worry about whether you will earn in a certain day or not. Freelance jobs have no fixed earnings. But the advantage of being a freelancer is your ability to choose your preferred schedule. You can work, if you want to. You can take a vacation for as long as you want.

Online jobs

Some of the freelancers would like to work from home. But be warned that not all the online jobs are legitimate. Most of these offers are just scams that are trying to trick you to make you pay a registration fee. Money cannot be earned easily by doing easy things on the internet. It requires effort. If you want to earn online, do some real jobs. Make a website, be an online writer or be a virtual assistant.

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