Job Interview Questions and Answers – How Can You Ace Them?


Prior to landing that job you’ve been working so hard to get, you must first pass a series of qualification tests. These tests include compiling your needed requirements, presenting a competitive and concise resume reflecting your personal background and professional skills, and acing an interview for when the probable employer thinks you are suitable for the situation.

There are times when this stage is what makes or breaks the deal, and job interview questions and answers are something you ought to be prepared for before you shake the hand of your potential employer. Here are some of the most common job interview questions and answers you can expect and some tips to help you pass your interview:

  • Tell me some things about yourself…” is usually one of the first few things you would hear. Answer with confidence since this is something you shouldn’t have doubts about. Time to kind of brag about what positive traits you have or special hobbies which can catch your employer’s interest and are somehow related to your job.job interview questions and answers
  • Why do you want to be a part of our company?” Think carefully about your answer because this is where they can gauge your motivations. You can use relevant words in your answer by taking a look at the company’s visions and goals, then add your personal reasons such as personal career growth and the like.
  • What are the things you liked or disliked about your previous job?” One thing to remember about answering this question is to never say anything bad about your previous employer! This will not reflect badly on them, but on you. Tell them what you enjoyed most, and subtly hint them on the similar things you are expecting from them.
  • What are your strengths or weaknesses?” When answering your strengths, you ought to say relevant strengths which may help you land the job. Also, don’t forget to answer about your weaknesses. However, have a point of redemption by saying that you easily learn from your mistakes and that you do your best not to let your personal weaknesses get to your career.
  • How do you deal with stress and pressure?” Answer with confidence that you are able to deal with stress by keeping a level head and setting your priorities. This will show your skills when faced with challenging situations and how you are able to deal with them.

Additional Tips for Job Interview Questions and Answers:


  • Answer honestly. Honesty and sincerity for every answer you say will help your employer get a feel of how trustworthy you are.
  • Address all questions. Don’t dodge questions, and if there is more than one element in a question, make sure you answer all of them. This shows how attentive you are and that you have nothing to hide about yourself by being transparent.
  • Don’t be too chummy with your interviewer. While being relaxed can help you be yourself more, you shouldn’t be too at ease because being too friendly during your interview will put you at a disadvantage. You ought to stay calm and act professional without going over the border of being too friendly.

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