Different Types of Interviews You Should Expect


The job search process can be very tedious for most people; they have to search through the classified ads for any job openings, print and send out their resumes to as many companies as they can, and then nervously wait for even one of them to send back a reply; but that’s not even the hardest part. When they get the phone call to come over to the office for an interview, that is when the nerves start acting up. To prepare themselves for the all-important job interview, it is best to learn about the different types of interviews first.

The Different Types of Interviews

There are basically three different interview types commonly used by companies when they are looking to hire someone; these are the one-on-one, the panel, and the over-the-phone interviews.

One-on-one Interviews

This is the most common type of interview used by companies. This is where the interviewer and the applicant sit down in a small office or some other quiet location. The questions being asked are the common ones like what the person could contribute to the company, about his background, and others. The applicant cantypes of interviews also ask things about the company and other questions to get clarification. This can be a relaxed encounter depending on the character of the interviewer and the applicant.

The Panel Interview

The panel interview is when two or more persons are conducting the interview. Like the one-on-one interview, the panel interview is also usually done in the office, but in a bigger space, like the conference room. This is possibly the most harrowing of all the types of interviews, purely because the applicant suddenly finds himself in a room being interrogated by a group of strangers. The important thing to remember about this type of interview is to focus on the person who is asking the question, and always maintain eye contact to the person currently asking the questions.

The Phone Interview


The final type of interview is one of the least used, the phone interview. As the name suggests, this type of interview is conducted over the phone. This often happens when it is impractical for the applicant to travel to the office foe an interview. Though this may be the most relaxed among the different types of interviews, this is not a reason to become too complacent. It is suggested that the applicant still dress formally, because dressing casually will only cause a person to act casual as well, which is not advisable when participating in a job interview. Another tip when participating in a phone interview is to always speak in a clear voice, and enunciate each word.

In Closing…

Knowing about the different types of interviews will allow the job applicant to prepare for what may come, this will help ease the tension and make the interview process run smoothly. Companies do not usually state what kind of interview will be conducted, so it is best to prepare for all the types just to be on the safe side.

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