Phone Interviews – a Key for Your Next Job

What are phone interviews?


Phone interviews have gained tremendous popularity in the recent years. It is becoming a lethal tool for HR managers in screening candidates for employment. It is the first step towards selecting the most suitable candidate. A telephonic interview also helps the recruiter to check whether the professional resume is a gaudy display of talent or the candidate actually possesses the skills mentioned in the resume.

How to prepare?

The length of the telephonic interview can range from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Therefore, being thoroughly prepared about all details mentioned while writing a CV is important. Reading the resume thoroughly and preparing on the skills mentioned in the resume is of utmost importance. If a person is facing such interview for the first time, they can conduct a mock telephonic interview within the family members; this certainly boosts up the confidenc

e level of the candidate. Before the interview, the candidate has to choose a location that is noise free and where the network coverage is reliable. Noisy atmosphere irritates the recruiter to no extent thereby spoiling the interview. The noise also distracts the candidate and they give wrong answers. The candidate also needs to keep in mind that while using a cell phone, the call waiting feature is turned off to avoid disturbances. Also, the battery of the cell phone needs to be charged before attending the interview.

How to behave during phone interviews?

phone interviews

Once the interview has started, maintaining some precautions is important. While talking on the phone, the candidate must avoid eating chew gums as it is not ethical. Keeping a glass of water nearby comes in handy when the mouth becomes dry due to excessive talking. Even if the candidate is unable to answer a question, they need to keep

up a smile on the face because a tense mood is easily reflected in the voice. Answering without thinking, interrupting the recruiter and running down the place in search of paper and pen to solve questions are few unacceptable aspects of a telephonic interview. Clarity in answers and giving relevant answers are the two essential things which HR managers search in a candidate during phone interviews.

What questions to expect?

‘What challenges is the candidate looking for in the current position’ is the most frequently asked question during a phone interview. The candidate needs to mention his/her capabilities in overcoming challenges, giving a real life example will surely make it the best answer. Correctly answering questions related to academics and previous jobs is important as most companies usually check the background before hiring a professional. Smartly and precisely answering questions based on the skills mentioned in the professional resume indicates a successful interview.

Other essential tips


The candidate must be aware of the company and the job position for which they are being interviewed. Most HR managers ask this as the first question during telephonic interviews. Being patient during a long interview is another key factor towards a successful interview.

Successful phone interviews are the first step before an in-person interview and following basic phone etiquette is the key to success.

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