Online Job Interview Tips


Nowadays, more and more opportunities to work from home are available. From the submission of your resume to your contract signing stage, everything can be facilitated online. With that being said, you can have an edge when you know of some online job interview tips that can help you get that online job and start earning from home.

How Do Online Job Interviews Usually Go?

Online job interviews can either be through written communication or through video calls. There are occasions when appearing through video conferencing is not needed, while there are online jobs where being seen through video conferencing is required. The interview would most usually be done through the use of messenger services, the most popular being Skype.

Online Job Interview Tips Prior to the Interview

  • Install and sign up for the messenger or mode of communication which you are to be using with your prospective employee. Make sure your user ID is professional—better stick to your name and stay away from fancy user IDs.Online Job Interview Tips
  • Prepare your equipment. This means checking your internet connection, checking your laptop or desktop computer and if all systems are good, and checking your headset and webcam especially if video conferencing will be done.
  • Dress appropriately. Have a corporate look despite being just at home and present yourself as you would during a real face to face interview. Check your background as well, and be in a room with minimal noise and good lighting.
  • Make sure you do your research about the company, the tasks required from you, and the job description.

How to Carry Yourself during an Online Job Interview

  • Speak clearly. This applies for when you will have a video call. Do not speak too loudly into your microphone but refrain from speaking too softly. When limited to just chatting, make sure you have no typographical errors.
  • Open only the program you will be using for chatting. Do not tempt yourself with distractions. You wouldn’t want to receive an instant message or chat notification during your interview. Think of it as being in line with turning off your phone for when you are in a face to face interview. Needless to say, you should turn your phone off for online interviews as well.
  • Have a professional overall aura. Type and use professional responses, and be attentive to what is being asked or said to you. Smile every once in a while and nod to back up your “yes” responses to show a positive and professional demeanor.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions or clarifications unless otherwise instructed. If there are times when you cannot properly hear what your interviewer is saying, don’t be afraid to politely ask him or her to repeat what has just been said. If in case you are instructed to listen only to some protocols and you failed to catch some of them due to bad connection or other difficulties, you may ask for clarification when you are permitted to speak. Usually, these interviewers are accommodating when clarifications are asked since technical issues aren’t factors which you can control.


Relax and internalize these online job interview tips hours or even days before your interview to feel more confident when the day comes!

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