Job Interviews – How to Prepare Effectively

On the Job Interview


All companies that offer jobs are conducting an interview with an applicant. This is to ensure that the company will have the best employees. So you should always give your best shot.

Preparing for an interview

When applying for a job, it means that you are selling yourself.
You are selling your skills and service. That is why you should be well prepared before going to interviews.

  • Update your resume – This is the first thing that you should prepare. Your resume should be in standard format, contains the necessary information and of course, It should be updated.
  • Be updated about the company – Being well knowledged about the company has an advantage. This is a good way to impress your interviewer. Get to know what’s new on their services just like what you see on their TV ads. That way, you are showing the interviewer that you are really interested to be a part of it.
  • Always arm yourself with pens and folders – On the interview. They  might ask you for another copy of your resume. It’s practical to carry a folder with some documents in it. Who knows? The company might hire you on the spot.

How to answer common interview questions?

The questions will depend on what position you are applying for. But below are the most common questions that the interviewer asks.interview

1. Tell me about yourself – This interview question doesn’t require you to give a five minutes speech. You can give simple answers that clearly describe your personality. You can also mention some of your qualities like being a reliable person, trustworthy, generous etc.

2. What is your greatest weakness? – In this interview question, you just have to turn the negative things about you to a positive. For example: “Because of my desire to make my work perfect, sometimes it took me a long time to finish it.” See? That isn’t looks like a weakness. What you showed them is that you are making a quality work.

3. What motivates you? – An interview question like this doesn’t have a right or wrong answer. When you are asked with this question, you can give them a good answer like “For every certain task that I’d be given, it always gives me motivation. With those tasks, I can say that I am reliable because I can contribute something for the company.”


Additional tips:

  • Be attentive – Always remember that interviews are not just question and answer sessions. This is a test. The company doesn’t want an employee who has his minds in the clouds.
  • Smile – That’s right! Always put a smile on your face so that the interviewer will be pleased to have the conversation with you.
  • Do not undersell yourself – Keep in mind that the company in looking for the best product. And that should be you.
  • Be confident – Make the interview flows like a normal conversation so that you’d be more comfortable. Be professional during interviews and show them that you are ready to take the job.

After the interview – Make a good exit, don’t forget to say “Thank you!” to the interviewer and offer a shake hands.

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