How to Write the Skills Section of Your Resume


Resume writing tips always include writing your achievements in the skills section. However, if you think about it, how do you write all of these accomplishments without sounding like a braggart? While it is nice to be able to mention all of your achievements, it is also important for you not to sound like you’re bragging.

Let Your Personality Shine through Your Resume

You can impress your resume reviewer by letting your personality shine through your resume. You can still sound like a humble yet knowledgeable and experienced individual by mentioning your accomplishments without blowing up the details of your achievements. Here are some resume writing tips that can help you avoid coming out as a know-it-all:

  • When writing your resume, you must throw your arrogance out of the door. Think of being humble. Avoid writing phrases which may imply you think you are better than others. Avoid lines like “My experience as a previous team leader makes me the perfect manager for your team.” Lines like this come off as arrogant.How to Write the Skills Section of Your Resume
  • Make your achievements known by telling the purpose of what you were able to achieve. Write something along the lines of “Was able to help raise $XX,XXX for the organization by selling organic products.” Having a good reason for the efforts you have previously exerted will make you a more desirable person to work with since you are driven by purpose as well.
  • Focus on your strengths but make them feel how your strengths can be beneficial not just for you but for other people as well. You can mention something such as “I have the ability to motivate coworkers and keep a positive attitude for the work environment.” Instead of saying that you alone are always positive, mention how you can help radiate this kind of strength for the rest of the team.
  • Quantify your achievements. Instead of just saying “Raised the bar of customer satisfaction levels” you can mention “Increased customer satisfaction levels by 25% within just 2 months.” Quantifying your achievements gives your resume reviewer a more concrete idea of just how much you have achieved.
  • Avoid using the word “I” in your resume. As much as you can, avoid using this too much as you sound like a self-centered person. When mentioning your skills, you can also give credit to people who have helped you along the way—doing this shows you are a good team player. Say something along the lines of “Developed and implemented Project Z along with team members” instead of claiming all the work was done by you.


During the interview, you will do well with being humble as well. Avoid criticizing your previous company and making them sound like they did you wrong! Also, admit your own mistakes or perhaps admit the time when you felt nervous and unsure of yourself. Admitting your weaknesses will not make you look inefficient, but it makes you look honest and transparent about your shortcomings as well.

With these resume writing tips, you can surely find a job where you can use your skills and qualifications.

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