How to Write the Address for Application Letter


An application letter for a college scholarship or a job you have set your eyes on should be properly written, and as an applicant, you should be mindful of the details which are included. The address for application letter is one such detail you have to be particular about since this is what indicates who you are applying to. Follow these tips when writing the address for application letter:

  • Write the address as the very first entry on your letter. In a formal letterhead, the address lines should be in the center, or you can also use a block format where your entire letter is aligned to the left.
  • Write your complete name on the first line, the street number and name of your residence on the second line, and the city, state, as well as zip code on the third line. For the fourth line, write your telephone number and below that, indicate your email address. Example:

Thomas Williams

31st street, Park Lane

Dallas, TX 12345


  • Find out who you will be writing the letter to. When writing for an organization or college, search their website for information on their dean of admissions or the organization’s admissions officer. When applying for a job, check the job listing for the addressee’s name or if it isn’t indicated, check their website for human resources details. Address for Application Letter
  • Leave 2-3 spaces after your email address and begin typing the addressee’s details. Write the addressee’s name, followed by the position the addressee holds, the company name, the company office’s or the university’s street address, building name, and their city, state, as well as the zip code. Example:

Mr. Hugh Lacroft

Hiring Manager

Business Solutions Company

123 Commerce Street, Tall Towers Building

Dallas, TX 12345

  • After completing the addressee’s address line, leave another 2-3 sentences before beginning on your salutation.  For your salutation, you can express politeness and professionalism both at the same time by using “Dear Mr. Lacroft.” If the person you are applying to has a title, properly include it; “Dear President Abshire” or “Dear Dean Michelson.” For applications for colleges and scholarships, it would be polite to also include their admissions committee on your salutation by writing “Dear Dean Michelson and the Admissions Committee.”
  • From there, you can start your letter for application after you have entered your address and the address of your target recipient.

Other Tips for the Address for Application Letter fields

  • Avoid fancy fonts when typing your letter. Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri are the safest fonts you can use.
  • You ought to use the same font size all throughout the letter for uniformity.


For emphasis and to show acknowledgement of your recipient’s authority, you can highlight his or her name in bold on the address line, and when you write “Dear Mr. Lacroft.” You can skip this step if you would rather have a more consistent format all throughout your letter by not having anything in bold.
Make sure to double check your address for your application letter, the name of your recipient, his or her position, your contact information, and make sure you have no errors.

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