How to Write Page 2 of Your Resume


Most experts will tell you to keep your resume to just one page as going above and beyond that will be overkill. Besides, sticking to the one-page rule will make sure you do not get tempted to put in irrelevant details that do nothing at all to make the employer want to meet you for an interview. However, if you have ten years or more of experience, including a page two may just help.

How Do You Do It?

–          When writing a page two, it is very important to use page numbers on the header or the footer of your second page so there is no doubt it will be viewed in the correct order. Do not number the first page; numbering the subsequent pages should suffice.

–          Do list your contact details and name on top of the second page. You can print page two on your letterhead or you can always create a header with your name and contact details. This way, the employer will always have some way of contacting you should page one and two get separated.How to Write Page 2 of Your Resume

–          List your accomplishments in order of their importance. This means your academic career and career highlight go on the first page while secondary information and other not-too-relevant details go on the second page.

–          If your relevant information does not fill up to whole pages, include some secondary information on the back just so you can fill up the extra space and not make the second page look bare and irrelevant.

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