How to Write an Application Letter for Internship


There are several kinds of letters that you would need in order to have a flourishing career. Before you get accepted for work, however, you often have to gain some experience first. Writing an application letter for internship can help you gain what experiences you need before moving forward with your career.

Tips on Writing an Application Letter for Internship

Your internship letter can grant you access to practicing what you have learned in school and apply them in practical situations. You should pay special attention on how you write your application letter in order to be accepted for the internship.

The goal of an internship application letter is to introduce you to your potential employers while being able to show them your skills and why you can be a “good hire.” There are times when the application would require you to come up with an essay, and in this case, you should directly address what is being asked for you to answer. One of the top questions is “Why do you want to work for (Insert Company name here) For these kinds of letter, you should be able to spend time for research to know more about the company’s goals to be able to write something to match their requirements from you.application letter for internship

First, write a draft of your letter which you can fine tune. Your letter’s introductory paragraph should include your statement of purpose which is to apply for an internship opportunity. Mention how you learned about this opportunity as you write your letter.

It is advised for you to address your letter to a specific individual. This person may be the hiring manager or the head of their human resources department.  Express your interest in applying for the internship and how you believe you have the skills to contribute to the company’s endeavors. Indicate how you can take part in the company’s efforts to achieve their goals and enumerate the skills you have which are relevant to the usual activities of the company. Doing your research on what the company is involved in can help you write your application letter for internship, so take a good look at their website especially their home page and the “About Us” page.

Mention your achievements and relevant experiences for the internship you are applying for. Extracurricular activities and your academic achievements can back up your skills and what you can do for the company. Try to keep your letter concise and have it at a minimum of 250-500 words. If it is an essay, check if the company requires a certain number of words for your application.


Before closing your letter, express your availability for their call back and indicate your contact number or email address where they can reach you for an interview. You can also write that you have included your resume for their reference and that it contains more substantial information about your skills as well as personal and academic background which they may want to look into.

If in case you do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt for your submitted application letter, you can follow up in two weeks through phone or an email, and thank the person you have addressed for their time and ask whether he or she would need further requirements for you application.

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