How to Write an Accounting or Finance Resume


If you want to look for a job in the accounting and finance sector you need to understand that it takes a lot to stand out and get that job. You will be dealing with money, so naturally, companies will want to see that you are the best and you can put your money where your mouth is. If you want a job as an accountant or any job in the finance sector, you need to come up with a resume that helps you stand out and shows proof of all your accomplishments. Below are some accounting and finance resume tips that you really need to check out before you write your resume.

Tips to Consider

The first thing you need to do is to identify your goals. Before you write and develop your resume you need to make sure you have a clear finance or accounting job targeted as it will give you direction. Make sure you do some research before you get started. You can do this by checking out some job listings online so you can see what positions are available.  You will also get a good feel as to which jobs fit your skills and your qualifications so you would know what to emphasize on your resume.How to Write an Accounting or Finance Resume

Summarize Your Qualification

When you are constructing your finance or accounting resume you want to summarize your key qualifications and strengths so that your resume is concise. Make sure that you place these on the top half of the page so that the hiring manger sees them right off the bat. You will also do yourself some good if you try to show proof of your accomplishments.

In the accounting or finance sector you need to show proof of what you have done. You can say that you helped the company save money but it will be better if you showed proof of how you did such a thing. You can make use of graphs and numbers to prove your point just make sure you do not rely on those too much and fail to include other impressive details about you.

Education Matters

If you want a job in the finance and accounting sector you need to show people that you know what you are doing and that you have received proper training. If you graduated in a particularly impressive school and you have honors then by all means write them down. If you graduated somewhere else, write your degree down anyway.

General Accounting and Finance Resume Tips


If you want to make sure that your resume is a real killer and impresses hiring managers right off the bat, you can try to look for templates online. These will show you the best ways to showcase your selling points. There are some special templates for accountants and finance experts to seek out. When you submit your resume, make sure you use some keywords so they make their way past screening machines. Last but not the least, keep your resume concise and to the point.

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