How to Write a Targeted Cover Letter


When applying for any job, having a carefully and professionally written resume is impressive. Apart from your flawless resume though, you ought to consider having a cover letter to add to your already impressive resume. This is not just another thing to make your application more difficult!

Benefits of Writing a Targeted Cover Letter

A cover letter increases your professionalism by having a more prepared application. Instead of having just a resume to present or submit, extend that courtesy of having a cover letter. You will definitely impress your employers by having this act of politeness and professionalism.

A targeted cover letter is an excellent way to summarize your resume. It shows who you are, what you are applying for, your qualifications, and even better, your personality—something which may not always reflect on your resume alone.

Applicants who have targeted cover letters increase their chances of getting their resumes noticed. Not all applicants exert this effort, and by being one of those who do, you will have an edge in the pool of several applicants!

Writing Your Own Targeted Cover Letter How to Write a Targeted Cover Letter

Take a pen and paper for preparing your draft before you actually type your cover letter in a digital document.

Align your text to the left. Indicate the date you will be submitting your cover letter or basically when you made the letter.

You must address your cover letter to the person doing the hiring. Make the necessary research measures you need to find out who the hiring manager is or who you will be talking to specifically. Find time to ask the company whom you should address your cover letter to by calling them. Indicate the name of the person and the position they hold in the company underneath it.

The next would be the salutation where you would pay your respects by saying “Dear Sir/Madam.” After that, you can then proceed to the body of your cover letter.

Go straight to the point, and be concise. Introduce who you are and express your intention of applying for the job title you are after. Mention how you learned about the opening, and state whoever referred the company to you.

Next, enumerate your qualifications for the role. You can begin strongly by mentioning the related degree you have finished, your technical qualifications, and your personality as a professional. No need to enumerate them all, but make sure to mention the best points which you also have on your resume. Do not get your potential employer bored by enumerating everything on your resume. Remember, give them an idea of who you are and why you are worthy as their employee.


Reiterate the sincere interest you have in the last paragraph, and tell them how eager you are to meet with them and discuss other details in person. Mention your contact number and available times if you have preferences, and tell them the best ways to reach you. End it with your complete name and signature.

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