How to Write a Resume that Gets Past the Robots


The advances of technology have a good way to make lives better. You can communicate with people from across the world, you can get directions using your cell phones, or you can even apply for a job online.

However, technology has its downsides and can somehow make life harder especially in the job arena. Now that resumes can be submitted online, what most people worry about is on how their credentials get past the robots.

Studies suggest that the technology the recruiters used to filter resumes can screen out 75 percent of applicants for a specific position. Technology can make the recruiter’s job easier as they don’t have to sort resumes one by one, but if you are the one seeking for a job, these robots may not seem friendly at all. But fret not, there are ways on how you can increase your resume’s chances of getting past the robots and eventually get hired. Here are some tips:

Use Contextualized KeywordsHow to Write a Resume that Gets Past the Robots

Keywords are important especially when we talk about resume robots. Researching about job-related keywords is no longer
enough. Applicant tracking systems of industries today have the ability to check for keywords that lead to the applicant’s qualifications. You can enhance keyword search by thinking about keywords of the actual job and the skills that the job requires. Also, you can put keywords in the many sections of your resume and have a higher chance of getting through the robot as you are quite experienced in your field.

Check for Spelling and Grammar

Resume robots can detect deviations from standard grammar which is why you should follow spelling and grammar rules so that your resume can get past through them. It is important that sentence fragments must be observed in your resume.

Make Connections

Connections with people from the industry you are applying for a job at can give your resume a boost. Try to make a connection with the hiring manager or a human resource officer and ask for advice on how your resume can get their attention. Ask your contact to look over the job description and your resume and see if both of them match up. If the industry hired people in a field recently, they will know what type of experience and which keywords you may highlight in your resume.

Remake the Format of Your Resume

The traditional resume can sometimes be overlooked by the robots since it is too generic .To get through the robot, try to consider creating your resume with category headings. If you are applying for a job that requires management experience, make a heading for that category then list down the important tasks you have done in that area.

Keep It Simple


Resume robots are programmed to detect resume text to feed through the system. Graphics, layouts, or designs can cause a breakdown and when this happens, your resume will not make it through. A simple resume is most likely to get past the robots since there are no other attributes that the system will handle.

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