How to Write a Resume for Online Job


When you would like to work from the comfort of your own home, an online job can be the solution to your need for employment. There are several opportunities nowadays that give the people a chance to work from home simply by having a computer and connection to the Internet. You can take advantage of these opportunities yourself!

The application process may be a bit different compared to the usual way of getting a job, and even your resume may need some fine tuning for online jobs. Here are some tips when you need a resume for online job positions:

  • Pay attention to the contact information you will be including. Since you are applying for an online position, some of the changes you ought to make on your contact information would be to include your work-related e-mail addresses, messenger IDs, and website address if ever you have any. For messenger IDs, indicate which messenger platform you’re using before placing your ID. Make sure that all the entries are correct, from the underscores, periods, and the “@” signs since these are crucial for you to hear back from your potential employers.resume for online job
  • Employment history details should also be included. If you have previously worked online, it would be a plus if you can indicate where you have already worked. If not, you can mention those which are most recent. Try to capitalize on those where you were required to work with computers if you have had job positions which included tasks that required computer use. Mention your dates of employment along with the tasks you previously did when you were in that job.
  • Indicate how many hours you can give for the job position you are applying for. A lot of online jobs offer 4-hour shifts while some can demand full-time presence online—this means 8 hours more or less, depending on the description on the job position. If the job description did not indicate how many hours are expected from you, you can mention the number of hours you can give. If you have particular hours only, mention them in a 24-hour forma so that there would be no confusion such as 13:00-17:00.
  • Focus on relevant skills. To be a viable candidate for online job positions, you ought to focus on the skills which show your computer know how. This means being able to work with different programs, your ability to install or uninstall new software which may be needed, and your general sense of comfort with using a computer as your work companion.
  • Remember to check out the job description before drafting a new resume for online job positions. This will give you a better idea on how you are going to indicate your interest and skills for the job. You can also know more about your potential employer before submitting your resume to them.
  • Regarding the format, you ought to save your resume in different formats such as your raw file from which you are editing it, or a .pdf file when you are asked to upload it on the employer’s website.


Remember to thoroughly check your resume for online job positions before submitting them, and to constantly check your e-mail address for word from those you have applied to.

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