How to Write a Resume for an Aluminum Fabricator


Being an aluminum fabricator is a job which may get you the opportunity to work abroad. If you have the qualifications, training, and experience, you should try out job opportunities both locally and abroad to be an aluminum fabricator.

Before you can become an aluminum fabricator and use your skills to create various aluminum works for buildings and other infrastructure, you need to come up with a good fabricator resume which will highlight all of your skills and qualifications.

The Most Important Parts of an Aluminum Fabricator Resume and How to Write Them

Do not forget the following parts of a fabricator resume and check out these examples when you begin writing your own:

  • Name and contact information – Make sure to type your name in all capital letters followed by your contact information. Place your home address, telephone number, mobile number, and your active email address so that you can be easily reached by your potential employer.
  • Objective – Sell yourself with a strong objective that speaks of your skills as well as your goals on becoming an aluminum fabricator. Try something like this: “A highly skilled aluminum fabricator seeking a job position in (name of company) where I can utilize my expertise and vast experience in the field.” You can also say something along the lines of “Seeking a challenging aluminum fabricator position to help create high quality works for infrastructures locally or abroad.”
  • Summary of qualifications – Here, you can use a list featuring bullet points of your concise qualifications. Mention your relevant skills in the field of aluminum fabrication such as how you efficiently wield different metals, and properly use equipment and hand-operated tools for metal crafting. Mention punctuality and being able to meet deadlines, having clear communication skills, staying within the safety guidelines of your workplace, and the like.How to Write a Resume for an Aluminum Fabricator
  • Professional experience – If you are an entry-level applicant, you may have little to no professional experience but you can indicate where you received training and what projects you have previously worked on. If you have previously worked in other companies, indicate the company names and addresses. Mention the most recent first, and write how long you held your position there and the exact position you held. Enumerate the responsibilities you did for the previous companies you have worked for in a concise manner and use bullets for an easier presentation.
  • Educational background – You can indicate which schools you went to along with the years you went there. Your professional training will also be under this section. If you got your certifications from certain schools or institutions, indicate them and specify what kind of certificate you got and when you acquired it.
  • References – You can say that references are available upon request, or if your fabricator resume space permits, enumerate three references with their contact information at the bottom of your resume.


When you have all these sections, make sure you proofread and double check the information you have included on your fabricator resume to have a better chance of getting hired!

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