How to Write a Resume for a Visual Merchandising Position


If you have a creative hand and you would like to make use of your imagination to come up with the most appealing presentations for different product displays, you will benefit from knowing how to write a resume for a visual merchandiser.

It is a visual merchandiser’s job to entice people to buy products for the store they work for. When you apply for this job, it is a must that your resume is just as eye-catching as well. Here are some tips when you begin writing your resume for a visual merchandiser position:

  • Make use of some colors. Since this is a creative job, you can create a more appealing resume by making use of some borders. Keep you color scheme simple and do not have a rainbow-colored border which may make your resume appear as if it was done by a grader. Pastels are good, and a set of three trendy colors, preferably those which are from the same shade of the company’s colors will do. Remember not to overdo it. Everything else which is more creative can go to your portfolio.
  • Instead of having an objective, you can have a personal summary instead. This creative job should be a way for you to let your personality shine, so have a personal summary which is warm and fresh—to give your resume reviewer a better idea of your skills and qualifications. Have a brief indication of why you became interested in the position, and mention where you draw inspirations for your display as well. Try not to exceed three lines since a long block of text tends to bore your resume reviewer.
  • When writing your resume for a visual merchandiser, refer to the job advertisement when it comes to some keywords you can include in your skills section. Include some of these words in the professional summary as well so you can entice the resume reviewer to read it some more.
  • Your previous experience should have its own section, and here you must list How to Write a Resume for a Visual Merchandising Positionwhere you have previously worked for in the merchandising industry. You must indicate the list of responsibilities you previously had such as textile pairing, visual planning, weekly presentations, and the likes to give your resume reviewer a better idea of what your previous experiences have been.
  • For your achievements, you can mention how your displays have led more customers in, and by how much sales increased upon the presentation of your display. Skills, on the other hand, should include time management, organization, communication, and fast decision making which can help you come up with the trendiest displays.
  • For your education, a brief outline will suffice. Indicate the high school where you graduated along with the year you got your diploma, the colleges or universities you attended along with the course you took, and when you finished your education there.


To make your application more interesting, you should have a visually appealing portfolio to accompany your resume. Have pictures of previously designed works, and make sure you present your portfolio in an easy to browse and organized manner as well. With these tips, your resume will help you get that job you want!

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