How to Write a Resume for a Telemarketing Position


People may think that a telemarketer’s job is simple and only requires a person to stay on the phone and stay in front of the computer the entire day. What people do not realize is that a telemarketer’s job could prove to be more challenging than you think. Being a telemarketer requires a specific set of skills, and following this career path towards bigger roles in the future is no easy task. If you are hoping to become a telemarketer, follow resume tips that would help you create a resume that would focus a lot on the set of skills that you have that makes you fit for the position. Probably one of the most logical resume tips you can follow is to write the description of your tasks and responsibilities for each relevant experience you list down in such a way that it highlights the key competencies required from a telemarketer. Here are some of the traits and skills that you should highlight when you create your telemarketing resume:

Unconditional Customer Service

In an entire workday, expect to talk to over a dozen strangers over the phone. A lot of them will scream at you, some willHow to Write a Resume for a Telemarketing Position  ask ridiculous questions, and others will ask you to repeat almost everything you say over and over again. Through all this, you are still expected to be at your very best and be able to charm them into committing a sale. Because this is one of the most important traits that a telemarketer should have, highlight experiences on your resume that would show a strong background on customer service. This would include the ability to adjust depending on the customer’s personality and needs and the tenacity to grab every opportunity and turn it into a sale.

Exceptional Multitasking Ability

You have to be able to talk to the customer, work your way through the necessary tools and applications on your computer, follow protocol and positive scripting, strategize your next move to close the sale, plus a lot more. Yes, all these you have to do at the same time. Because of this, it would be best to detail the roles and responsibilities that you had in past jobs that showed that you juggled quite a bit of tasks yourself. You should especially put some emphasis on the positive results that you deliver despite the fact that your mental and physical functions were split towards different directions.

Sales and Marketing

At the end of the day, it all boils down to making a sale. As what a lot of other resume tips would tell you, it is important to show experience that shows you as being able to strategize effectively on how to meet and exceed sales quotas and other targets. You also have to remember that everything is done over the phone, which makes it so much harder since there is no visual contact to be made and no chance to read body language that would help you plan and strategize. So if you have dealt with customers over the phone in the past, make sure you highlight that as well.


These are but a few pieces of advice in a long list of resume tips that you can apply. It’s all about focusing on key details that would prove that you have what it takes to do the job well. Just follow these resume tips and land that telemarketing job in no time.



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