How to Write a Personal Shopper Resume


Do you have a deep love for shopping and a need to help people? If the answer is “yes” then you might want to look for a job as a personal shopper. With this job, you get to indulge your love for retail and you also get to help people who do not have the same knack as you do.

You may think a job as a personal shopper is too good to be true but if you take a look at the number of personal shopper jobs out there, you will see that it is indeed an in-demand career. Once you scan all the job ads and you realize that becoming a personal shopper is something you can do then get moving and make the personal shopper resume! Those personal shopper jobs will not wait for you so you better get moving.

Personal Shopper Jobs and Resumes

So just how do you write the perfect resume to nab that personal shopper job? The first thing you need to be thankful for is that to write a personal shopper resume you do not need a nice, fancy degree or any seminars; although you How to Write a Personal Shopper Resumeneed to make sure that your resume shows why you are capable of handling such a job. Personal shopper jobs demand more than just going to the mall and picking out clothes that look nice; you need to be able to pick out clothes that your clients will love.

When you write your personal shopper resume it is best to start out with a template to follow so that your information is where it should be. You may not be applying for a rocket scientist job but this does not mean that your resume should look messy.

Write your name at the very top of the resume and follow it up with your contact details on the bottom. Make sure your name is written in a big, bold, and simple font so that it is easy to read. Check your contact details and make sure it does not have any typos or the hiring managers and clients will not be able to get in touch with you.

When it comes to including a photo, the verdict is still out on that one. Some people say it is okay to include a picture so that hiring managers and clients can see your face and notice how stylish and well-groomed you are while some say that including a picture is not a good idea. If you have a nice picture that shows how stylish, well-groomed, and professional you are then go for it! Such a picture can only add to your resume and make you more attractive to employers.


Once you are done with that part, it is time to move on to your job experience and skill sets. You can mention any personal shopper related jobs you have held in the past and any accomplishments you have had in the field. If you do not have any experience, you can always go for apprenticeship.

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