How to Write a Letter to Request for an Interview


There are times when job hunting starts to feel like a full time job especially if you experience difficulty getting short-listed to go to interviews. It might seem like a hopeless case but you need to know that there is one thing you can do to make your submission stand out from the rest and that is by setting the stage for a well-written letter requesting for a job interview. Some of you may hesitate to do this since you feel it is a bit presumptuous and to be honest, it can come off that way if you do not know what to say in the letter.

Writing a letter requesting for an interview is a delicate operation but you can do it. Below are some tips and guidelines you can use to help you craft the perfect letter of request for an interview.

Address and Formatting How to Write a Letter to Request for an Interview

When you write your address and the address of the person that letter is meant for, you want to make sure that it is written very clearly at the head of the letter.  Keep your address at the very top of the sheet together with your contact details. You should put the recipients address below your details.  When writing the letter make sure you use a universally-accepted font like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman. The text should be single space and there should always be a space between paragraphs.  Remember, this is a letter of request so keep your language professional and be business –like at all times.


Do you want that interview or not? If you really want the interview then find out the name and salutation of the person to whom you are sending the letter to and address them directly. If you do not want the interview then by all means use the generic “To whom it may concern.” Nothing says “I don’t care” like not finding out the name of the person you are asking for an interview because someone who really wants the job will pull out all the stops to impressing the hiring manager even if it just involves getting his name.

Opening Paragraph

This is a very important section since it is where you get the recipient’s attention. Start out by letting the recipient know right away that you are asking for a chance at an interview. Include the position you are gunning for. If yours is more along the lines of a query you will want to indicate whether a colleague or some other professional acquaintance suggested the position to you and suggested you send in the letter.  Your opening paragraph should make a bold statement showcasing your skills and other requirements that match the job position.


Your next paragraph is the main body and this is where you speak more about your qualification, experience, and skills. Illustrate how your skills match what they are looking for. Give specific examples of what you have done to drive home the point that you are a perfect match for the job.



Here, you thank the hiring manager for the time spent reading your letter. Also let him know when you are available for interviews. End it with a professional statement like “Many regards” and sign your name under it.

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