How to Write a Killer CV for a Management Position Application


In today’s business culture, the demands given to a manager have changed in so many ways, yet have stayed traditional in so many others. The expectation that you are updated on modern management trends is there and you are also expected to somehow be advanced in terms of technology. Despite these, you should still have the traditional business integrity and would still be expected to lead people the best way you can. If you are aiming to secure a management post therefore, you should be able to show the correct balance between trends and tradition from the moment you initiate your intent to apply for the position. Here are a few tips on how to create a CV for management position applications.

Start with the Basics How to Write a Killer CV for Management Position Application

A manager should have the ability to follow rules, so start with how you create your CV. Although everybody is allowed to style their CV the way they want to, the basics should still be there. Have accurate contact information at the top and clearly enumerate your qualifications. Depending on what format you intend to use, outline your professional experiences and your skills in a way that gives all the details needed, but concise enough for you not to use an entire ream of A4 paper.

Highlight the Right Skills

No matter how confident you are of your qualifications, failure to understand what a manager does will get you nowhere. The best way to get your CV for management position applications noticed is highlighting the specific skills that a manager needs. No matter how impressive your background may be, not giving enough emphasis to the right details will only push your CV down to the bottom of the pile.

Be Interesting

Being a manager is one of the most stressful jobs in the world and the last thing your employer needs is someone who will go crazy when placed under extreme pressure. The best way to show that you can handle it is by showing what you do to release all that stress. Be someone whom you think people would love to hang out with. Think about sports that you enjoy playing or activities that you find yourself doing on weekends. You could also highlight any affiliations or organizations that you joined, as this will also show that you have the ability to interact with people outside your immediate circle.

Have it Tailored


Nothing could bore or annoy a hiring manager more than going through a pile of CV for management position applications that they know is being read by some other hiring manager from a different company at around the same time they’re doing it. These people will be investing time, money and trust on training you and putting you in charge. The least you can do is invest some time and effort in creating a CV that’s tailor fit for their company. See what details they have outlined in their job posting and base your CV for management position on those pieces of information. This will show them that you truly are interested in working with them, and not just interested in working with just anybody who would hire you.

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