How to Write a Firefighter Letter of Recommendation


It takes dedication and perseverance to become a firefighter and not everyone can be like them without these two factors. Firefighters exemplify humility as well as strength and courage. They serve the neighborhood in times of great need and come to the aid of those who are in great danger.

There are several steps in order to become a firefighter but if you know someone who has taken all the necessary preparations to embrace this noble profession and are in the authority to give a recommendation, you can give a boost to his career by writing for him a letter of recommendation.

Letters of recommendation commend a person’s good attributes, both related to the job position as well as his being a dependable individual. Someone who has worked hard to reach his dreams of being a firefighter will surely appreciate a letter of recommendation which could help him get his dream job.

Here are the things you have to keep in mind when writing a firefighter letter of recommendation:

  • Have the person you are writing the recommendation for give you a copy of his resume—the same one which he will be using for applications. This helps you have access to information about his credentials, awards, educational background, and other professional qualifications.
  • You can also collect information about the place where the person you will be recommending plans to work at.How to Write a Firefighter Letter of Recommendation
  • Start your letter of recommendation by writing who you are as well as how you know the firefighter you are recommending. You can also point out how you are qualified to be giving this recommendation. Mentioning your background as well as needed credentials is one of the most important part of the letter in order to make the potential employer see the value of the person you are recommending.
  • List the qualities of the person which make him qualified for the job position. Mention precise examples of his personality which will make him stand out as a dependable candidate for the position.
  • Apart from listing qualities, you can also mention some of his more salient skill sets including trainings completed and possibly other certifications which can be beneficial to the firefighting field.
  • Mention how the person has faced adversities and how you know he overcame them. Since firefighters are usually placed in tough situations and need quick wit as well as skills, you can mention how the person you are recommending can quickly think of solutions even to big problems while under pressure or other stressful factors.


Noting the person’s good qualities is a must, and mention how the person you are recommending to be a firefighter is responsible and dedicated.
At the end of the letter, supply contact information which the employer can use should they decide they would like to hear more from you about the person you are recommending. You can also place a note encouraging them to contact you for more details.
Sign the letter and keep an extra copy with you in case they call you and you need a reference.
Following these tips can help give you the chance to assist an aspiring firefighter reach their dreams.

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