How to Write a CV for an IT Professional


Are you looking for a job as an IT professional? If that is indeed the case then you want to make sure that you have a CV that has all the pertinent information and techniques to help improve your chances and you also want a CV that looks professional. You cannot do a haphazard job when writing a CV since too much is at stake. When you write a CV you should always remember that it is a document that will market your skills to the hiring manager and this way you will stick to the game plan and not get lost with on your way to the main goal.  For those of you who want to work as IT professionals, below are some guidelines that you can follow to come up with the best information technology resumes.

Guidelines for Information Technology Resumes

Below are some tips you can follow that will ensure you have the very best resume ever. These guidelines are fool-proof and are very easy to follow so check them out so you can come up with killer information technology resumes.

  • Keep attention spans in mind. Do you know that hiring professionals read the first 1/3 of your resume before they decide whether to keep it or throw it in the garbage? If you want to improve your chances of getting called for an interview, make sure the most impressive facts about you are placed on top of the page.
  • Make it the right length.  The length of your resume is usually relative to the number of years of experience that you have. If you have one year experience in the field and your resume is 4-pages long then you have a problem. It How to Write a CV for an IT Professionalshould not be that long. However, if you have 10 years of experience and your resume is but a page and a half long you may also be leaving out crucial details about you and your work.
  • General summaries are out, technical summaries are in. When used sparingly and in appropriate times, general summaries can be useful. However, technical summaries are more useful because the person reading your resume could be non-technical and is just on the lookout for keywords. Just keep in mind that the IT world uses lots of technology and you do not have to write a laundry list of every piece and type of technology that you know or have heard about.
  • Quality writing matters. You may argue that you are looking for a job as an IT pro and not a writer but no one will take you seriously if you resume is written in a hackneyed manner. Make sure you steer clear of long-winded sentences; you want them short and concise but not too short that they appear simplistic. It is also a good idea to use bullets when appropriate.


As you can see, writing information technology resumes is easy if you just know what to do. Follow these guidelines, choose the appropriate template online, and double check your resume and you should be good to go.

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