How to Write a CV for a Teacher Job with No Teaching Experience


Teaching is a profession which often requires years of experience in order to be honed with the principle of teaching and how to best conduct efficient and meaningful lessons. While years of experience can really back you up when looking for a new job or greener pastures, you can still land a good teacher job with no teaching experience.

You can achieve this by writing a thorough resume which can highlight your skill set as a potential teacher. Everyone starts from being a fresh graduate and experience can be hard to come by. Follow these tips to get that teacher job even without teaching experience:

  • Research job posts online and note which skills are most frequently mentioned for teacher jobs. This gives you the edge when it comes to satisfying what your potential employer requires from you. Jot down words which can be used to make your CV more competitive.How to Write a CV for a Teacher Job with No Teaching Experience
  • If some teacher jobs would require you to deal with children with special needs and you have a background on such cases, mention it in your skill set.
  • List both your strengths and weaknesses when drafting your CV. Capitalize on strengths which you can use for a teaching position. If you have background on acting as a volunteer at your local daycare or are good with social events and communicating with both children and parent about their needs, highlight this. Be careful not to sound too boastful, however, and keep your claims about your skills as honest and humble as possible.
  • Draft your outline for your entry-level teacher job CV. The main section should include identification information, education and certifications, teaching experiences if any, and relevant experiences for the job post.
  • If you have attended seminars and event related to teaching, write them down as well including their dates.
  • Aim for an entry-level resume which would not exceed one page. This makes your CV easier to read and less clutter shows professionalism.
  • You may choose to add a personal career plan but be brief. “Sell” yourself with strong and engaging words which would make you a valuable asset to the school you are applying to. Make use of words which would mention how effective you can be as a teacher.
  • If you are still unsure on what format and sections to include, study several CVs for entry-level teacher jobs online. Compare your own draft to the ones on the internet and improve the areas which you can make more competitive.
  • Ask another person to proofread your CV this helps reduce the risks of spelling oversights as well as simple mistakes in punctuation. You can ask a teacher friend for advice as well since they may have already been exposed to other applicants.
  • Finalize the entry-level CV you are preparing. Have a clean and professional design which would reflect organization and professionalism. Keep your CV simple but be creative with subtle borders or simple and sleek designs.


Reread your CV and check thoroughly before applying. By following these tips and using online examples, you can come up with a resume for a teacher job with no experience that can get you the teaching job you would like to have.

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